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RG3512.AM:  John David Brady, 1874-1948

Papers:  ca. 1892-1964, mostly 1892-1948

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Minister, landscaper, soldier

Size:  1.75 cu.ft.; 3 boxes


John David Brady was born in Nebraska City, Nebraska, on October 9, 1874, the son of Barnard and Sarah Nestor Brady. He received his early education in the common schools, and attended Lincoln Normal University in 1892 and 1897. During the Spanish American War, Brady served in the Philippines as a private with the 1st Nebraska regiment. Following the war he resumed his education at Peru Normal University from 1899-1902, and the University of Nebraska from 1903-1905. After receiving a degree in theology, Brady was ordained a Baptist minister and served in this capacity in Broken Bow, Syracuse, Wabash, and Merna, Nebraska. In 1921-1922, he lectured on the Traverse Newton Chautauqua Circuit, and later was employed as a landscaper for the Robert Griswold Company of Lincoln from 1928 until his death in 1948. Brady was active in the William Lewis Camp of the United Spanish War Veterans of Lincoln, serving as post commander then chaplain until his death. He married Daisy Blanche Hawley, and the couple had four sons: Charles L., Ray R., Earl H., and Harold J. John Brady died in Lincoln on April 10, 1948.


This collection consists of materials which document the life and education of John Brady. It is arranged in six series: 1) General Correspondence; 2) Manuscripts; 3) Lincoln Normal University; 4) Miscellaneous; 5) Spanish-American and Philippine Wars Materials; 6) Clippings.

A large portion of the collection relates to the Lincoln Normal University (LNU) and to reunions held by its graduates. The LNU materials are filed in three subseries: SS1) Items relating to the Lincoln Normal University before it was destroyed by fire in 1899; SS2) Items relating to the Lincoln Normal University Alumni Association and LNU reunions, 1925-1964; and SS3) Scrapbook compiled and annotated by Ray R. Brady. A large part of SS2 consists of reunion correspondence. Commentary in the scrapbook of SS3 was written by Ray Brady, usually in red pen, and generally relating to his parents, John Brady and Daisy Blanche Hawley Brady. Many of the items in the scrapbook are photocopies, but some original items are still present.

Also of interest are John Brady’s Spanish American and Philippines wars scrapbooks. Brady, along with other LNU students, served in the 1st Nebraska Regiment. Some of these items were loaned for copying; the originals are not held by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Family information and later travel descriptions are also included in these scrapbooks.

In addition, the collection contains seven diaries kept by Flora Crumly, a retired art teacher who resided with the Brady Family. Entries are mostly notes about weather conditions, with occasional brief comments about Flora’s activities and some current events, 1911-1965.

Note:  See the photo component [RG3512.PH] for related images. Some John D. Brady Family items are housed at the Nebraska History Museum. Not all artifacts are on display; researchers must call for an appointment before scheduling a visit.


Series 1 – General Correspondence

Box 1


  1. General correspondence, 1942-1948, and n.d.

Series 2 – Manuscripts

Box 1


  1. Quotations; The Rector of Rivington

  2. Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 1: 1911-1939

  3. Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 2: 1939-1946

    Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 3: 1946-1950

  4. Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 4: 1946-1956

  5. Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 5: 1951-1955

    Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 6: 1956-1960

    Flora Crumly Diaries, v. 7: 1961-1965

  6. “Glimpses of 50 Years of the Brock, Neb. Baptist Church”

Series 3 – Lincoln Normal University

Subseries 1: Records and Papers

Box 1


  1. Articles of Incorporation, 1894

  2. Statement for Certification, 1898

  3. Catalog, 1897-1898

  4. Commencement, 1895; 1897

  5. Programs, etc., 1895-1898

  6. Tuition voucher, 1892

Box 2


  1. Student Workbook, 1894-1895: 50 Lessons in Orthoepy and Orthography

  2. Autograph book, Mabel Baker Macy

  3. Scrapbook [includes photographs]

  4. Loose items from the scrapbook

  5. Photocopy of scrapbook

  6. Miscellaneous

Subseries 2: Lincoln Normal University Alumni Association

Box 2


  1. Minutes, 1925-1942

  2. Reunion, 1925

  3. Reunion, 1926

  4. Reunion, 1927

  5. Reunion, 1931-1939

  6. Reunion, 1940

  7. Reunion, 1941

  8. Reunion, 1942

  9. Miscellaneous alumni correspondence

  10. Alumni roster [handwritten]

  11. Rosters, membership materials, autograph cards

  12. Reunion lists

  13. The Normal Men’s Council Constitution and Bylaws, 1933

    Map of the Lincoln Normal area with names of residents [See OB124]

Subseries 3: Scrapbook compiled and annotated by Ray R. Brady

LNU Scrapbook, compiled by Ray R. Brady [See oversize]

Series 4 – Miscellaneous

Box 2


  1. Church materials

  2. War ration books

  3. Miscellaneous

    John R. Brady certificate, Supreme Court State of New York, 1884 [See OB124]

Series 5 – Spanish-American and Philippines Wars Materials

Reel 1


  1. Scrapbook, 1865-1947 [also includes Brady Family information]

  2. Scrapbook, 1898-1947

Box 3


  1. Scrapbook, 1895-1955 [photocopies only]

  2. Scrapbook, 1895-1955 [photocopies only; also includes writings about Brady’s travels in the U.S. and other countries]

  3. Veteran’s materials

  4. Pamphlets: Songbooks, “The Soldier’s Letter,” and “The American Victories in the Philippine Islands”

    Philippines newspaper, Heraldo Filipino, February, 1899 [See OB124]

Series 6 – Clippings

Box 3


  1. Clippings

  2. Clippings

  3. Clippings



Auxiliary of the United Spanish War Veterans

Brady, John David, 1874-1948

Crumly, Flora Alice, 1870-1961

Education — Nebraska — Lincoln

Lincoln Normal University (Lincoln, Neb.)

Philippines — History — Philippine American War, 1899-1902

Spanish-American War, 1898

United Spanish War Veterans. Department of Nebraska. William Lewis Camp No. 2



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