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RG3946.AM:  Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church (Millerton, Neb.)

Records:  1882-1979

Millerton, Butler County, Neb.:  Evangelical Lutheran church

Size:  2 reels of microfilm containing 16 volumes


The Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millerton, Nebraska, was founded in April of 1883, guided by Pastor J. George Weller. At first the Congregation met in the homes of residents and then in the district schoolhouse. A parochial school was begun in 1884, while a Sunday School was being held even before the Congregation was officially established. In 1885 a Church building was dedicated. A parsonage was added the following year. New members and financial gain allowed for a new church building in 1903.

Until World War I, services were held only in German. With anti-German feeling arising with the outbreak of the war in Europe, and in an effort to seek new members who didn’t speak German, services were held in both English and German. With its regular Congregation services, parochial school, Sunday School, cemetery grounds, and Ladies Aid Society (which was organized in 1914), the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church continued to grow.


This collection consists of two subgroups of manuscript material, 1) Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, and 2) Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Ladies Aid Society Records, on two reels of microfilm. Subgroup 1, the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, is arranged into series of: 1) Constitution and Minutes, 1883-1903; 2) Church Registers, 1882-1979; 3) Commemoration Booklet, 1933; and 4) Cemetery Records. Subgroup 2, The Ladies Aid Society of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Records, is arranged into series of: 1) Secretary’s Books, 1914-1975; 2) Cash Record Books, 1920-1964; and 3) Scrapbooks, 1914-1978.

This collection relates to the history of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millerton, Nebraska, and its Ladies Aid Society. Subgroup 1, Series 1 consists of the Constitution and By-laws of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church. Minutes of Congregation meetings, 1883-1903, comprise most of this series. The minutes and constitution are recorded in German.

The Church Registers, 1882-1979, of Subgroup 1, Series 2, contain information about ceremonies held in the Church. Included are recordings of baptisms, communions, marriages, deaths, confirmations, private confessions, and burials. Pertinent information, such as date of the ceremony, birthdates, and parentage of the individual involved, and witnesses is also included. Volume 1 is written entirely in German, while Volume 2 has only the column headings written in German.

The Commemoration Booklet of Subgroup 1, Series 3, is entitled, “A Brief History of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church.” This was produced to commemorate the Church on its 50th anniversary in 1933. Subgroup 1, Series 4, consists of a Cemetery Record which gives a list of people buried in the cemetery, as well as plat map of the cemetery.

All of Subgroup 2 is comprised of the records of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Ladies Aid Society. Subgroup 2, Series 1 consists of Secretary’s Books, 1914-1975, which provide minutes of meetings, treasurer’s reports, charitable projects the Ladies Aid Society supports, purchases made for the church, membership lists, committees, and programs. The Cash Record Books of Subgroup 2, Series 2, list debts, credits, dues, and miscellaneous expenses, 1920-1964. Subgroup 2, Series 3, contains Scrapbooks covering the years 1914-1978. The history of the Ladies Aid Society is documented through writings, membership lists, and photographs.

The Church Records of Subgroup 1 were loaned for microfilming in May of 1979. The Ladies Aid Society Records of Subgroup 2 were loaned for microfilming in March of 1979.


Reel 1

Subgroup 1: Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Records

Series 1 – Constitution and Minutes, 1883-1905


  1. Constitution, By-Laws, Minutes (written in German)

Series 2 – Church Registers, 1882-1971


  1. 1882-1901 (written in German)

  2. 1882-1979 (column headings in German)

Series 3 – Commemoration Booklet, 1933


  1. “A Brief History of the Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church,” 1933

Series 4 – Cemetery Record


  1. List of names and plat of cemetery (See Film Strip reel #13)

Reel 2

Subgroup 2: Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church Ladies AId Society Records

Series 1 – Secretary’s Books, 1914-1975


  1. 1914-1928 (written in German)

  2. 1928-1934 (about one-half is written in German)

  3. 1934-1942

  4. 1950-1953

  5. 1954-1960

  6. 1960-1970

  7. 1970-1975

Series 2 – Cash Record Books, 1920-1964


  1. 1920-1961 (1920-1929 in back of volume)

  2. 1935-1957

  3. 1958-1964

Series 3 – Scrapbooks, 1914-1978


  1. 1914-1971

  2. 1972-1978



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