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RG3632.AM:  Iain C.G. Campbell, 1912-1997

Papers:  1880-1982, n.d.

Weeping Water, Cass County, Nebraska:  Minister, historian

Size:  1.25 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


Iain C.G. Campbell was born in London, England, on June 15, 1912.  He graduated from St. Andrews University, Scotland, with an M.A. in Medieval and Modern European History.  Campbell conducted archeological field work in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1935.  After taking ill, he left the excavations and went to the English High School for Boys in Istanbul, where he taught English.  After three years of teaching, Campbell was appointed Principal of the school.  It was during this time that he met Gladys Perry, who was teaching at the American College for Girls in Izmir, Turkey.  Gladys Perry was born in Nebraska on September 6, 1902.  She attended Adams Public School and received her B.A. in Math and Physics from Doane College.  She taught in several schools in Nebraska, South Dakota and Kentucky, before going to Turkey as a missionary teacher in 1931.  She was teaching at the American College for Girls when she met Iain C.G. Campbell.

Iain and Gladys married in Izmir, Turkey, on June 23, 1943.  They left Turkey in 1947 and emigrated to the United States, returning to Gladys’ home state of Nebraska.  From 1948 to 1950 Iain served at Doane College, Crete, Nebraska, in various capacities, including lecturer in history, Resident Head of the Men’s Dormitory and Dean of Men.  He also served as a licensed lay reader at Trinity Episcopal Church in Crete.  He was encouraged to enter the ministry and was ordained by the Omaha Association of the Nebraska Congregational Conference in 1953.  Over the next twenty-five years Campbell served various congregations in Nebraska, including Albion Congregational Church, Fairmont Federated Church, Weeping Water Congregational Church and Avoca UCC Congregational Church.  Gladys taught for several years after getting married and then worked alongside Iain in the ministry.  Rev. Iain C.G. Campbell also served as historian and archivist for the UCC Nebraska Conference.

Gladys (Perry) Campbell passed away in Lincoln, Nebraska, on May 6, 1993.  Rev. Iain C.G. Campbell died December 22, 1997.  The Campbells are buried in Highland Cemetery at Adams, Gage County, Nebraska.


This collection consists mostly of research material compiled and written by Iain C.G.Campbell relating to the history of Weeping Water, Nebraska, the early families and settlers of Weeping Water, and various records and histories of churches and church organizations within Cass County.  The collection includes various poetry written by Rev. Campbell; bird watching records kept by the Campbells; an elementary school writing assignment book kept by Gladys and a draft of Gladys’ valedictory speech from Adams High School commencement ceremonies, 1920.

Note:  See the Archives for additional collections relating to the UCC Nebraska Conference and other churches served by Rev. Campbell.  See the library catalog for publications by I.C.G. Campbell as well as various histories of the churches served by Rev. Campbell.  Some records initially part of this collection relating to the Cass County Council of Churches have been transferred to RG6098.  The items in box 2 of this collection were originally listed as the Campbell Family collection [RG4034.AM].


Box 1


  1. The Story of Weeping Water, typed manuscript

  2. Weeping Water Centennial material

  3. Weeping Water Centennial correspondence, 1963-1970

  4. Weeping Water historical file, 1866-1976

  5. Weeping Water, early families and settlers including Reeds, Ashmuns, Beardsleys, Bellows, and others

  6. Albion Congregational Church, notes from the Boone County News, 1880-1886

Box 2


  1. Nebraskaland and other poems by Iain C.G. Campbell, 1977-1982

  2. Bird watching records, 1953-1981

  3. School writing assignments by Gladys Perry, ca. 1910s

  4. Valedictory speech by Gladys Perry, Adams High School, 1920


Subject headings:

Adams High School (Adams, Nebraska) — Commencement

Bird watching — Nebraska

Campbell family

Campbell, Gladys (Perry), 1902-1993

Campbell, Iain C.G., 1912-1997

Cass County (Nebraska) — History

Congregational Church (Albion, Nebraska)


Weeping Water (Nebraska) — History


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