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RG3911.AM:  Huck – Neubauer Family

Papers:  1910-1957

Saratov, Russia; Russian Zone, Germany; Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  

Size:  1 box; 0.5 cu.ft.


George Huck left the Saratov Province in the Volga River region of Russia in 1910. Traveling with his wife, Anna Elizabeth Neubauer Huck, he arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska on 27 July 1910. George supported his family as a carpenter, and worked on the Nebraska state capitol during its construction. The family kept close ties with Anna’s brother, Johann Phillip, who had also come to America, but returned to Kautz, Russia, to care for his mother. During the famine years in the Volga region in the 1920s, the Huck Family sent packages to their Volga German relatives. Similarly, after World War II, relatives in East Germany contacted the Hucks for aid.


This collection consists mostly of correspondence received by the George Huck Family of Lincoln Nebraska, and is arranged in four series: 1) Letters from Russia, 1917-1928; 2) Letters from Germany, 1947-1953; 3) Letters from America, 1946-1957; and 4) Miscellaneous.

The letters in Series 1 and Series 2 have been photocopied and translated, and are arranged in chronological order. A number was assigned to each letter when it was translated. This number is usually written in the upper right corner of the photocopies and translations, and has no meaning beyond being a means to identify each letter. The numbers are not chronologically based. Some notes penciled in on the translations and copies of the letters were made by Ruth Huck Mosby, the daughter of George Huck. Subjects discussed in Series 1 include the famine in the Volga German area of Russia during the 1920s and aid sent from America, conditions under the early communist regime, family matters, etc. The letters from Germany in Series 2 describe post World War II conditions in the “Russian Zone” i.e. East Germany. Many contain both requests and thanks for aid sent by the Huck Family.

NOTE:  The original letters of Series 1 and Series 2 are RESTRICTED FOR PRESERVATION. Researchers must use the photocopies and translations.

The letters from America in Series 3 are translated, but do not have numbers. They are arranged by date. Topics relate mostly to family news and genealogy, and about members of the Volga German community in America. Series 4, Miscellaneous, contains a family history by Ruth Huck Mosby, and the 1910 passport belonging to Georg Huck.

Note:  The NSHS collections contain various materials relating to Germans from Russia. See the American Volga Relief Society records [RG4879], as well as the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for more information.


Series 1 – Letters from Russia, 1917-1928

Box 1


  1. Original letters from Russia, 1917-1928. #1-17, #19, #39 [RESTRICTED]

  2. Translations and copies, letters from Russia, 1917-1928. #1-17, #19, #39

  3. List, identification of writers

Series 2 – Letters from Germany, 1947-1953

  1. Original letters from Germany, 1947-1953. #18, #20-38 [RESTRICTED]

  2. Cards, ca. 1953

  3. Translations and copies, letters from Germany, 1947-1953. #18, #20-38

Series 3 – Letters from America, 1946-1957

  1. Original letters from America, 1946-1957

  2. Translations of the letters from America, 1946-1957

Series 4 – Miscellaneous

  1. Huck-Neubauer Family History

  2. Georg Huck passport, 1910

  3. Undated envelope [photocopy only]



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