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RG1986.AM:  Hibberd Brick Company (Kearney, Nebraska)

Letters and advertisements: 1890-1893

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska:  Brick manufacturer

Size:  One folder


Born in England on April 12, 1845, Richard H. Hibberd married Emma Gould in 1870.  By 1880, the couple had immigrated and were living in David City, Nebraska, with their children.  At this time, Richard’s occupation is listed as brickmaker.  Between 1880 and 1890, Hibberd had moved to Kearney, Nebraska, where he operated his own brickyard.  The Hibberd Brick Company flourished for a time, providing bricks for most of the larger buildings around Kearney and Buffalo County.  The Hibberd Brick Company later struggled and then closed in the 1930s due to the Depression.  Richard Hibberd had hoped to reopen, but he died on June 7, 1932.  Richard H. Hibberd is buried in Kearney Cemetery at Kearney, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one folder containing two letters and two advertisements for the “Klose” kiln.  The first letter (1890) is from Charles Klose of the Doniphan Brick Works to Hibberd regarding the specifications for his “Klose” kiln.  The second letter (1893) is from Ernest Brabrook, a Kearney engineer, discussing possible patent infringements by a Joseph Conley.  Apparently, Conley had patented a kiln that was very similar to the “Klose” kiln that Klose and Hibberd were promoting. The other items in the collection include two informational advertisements about the Klose kiln.



    1. Letter from Charles Klose to Richard Hibberd, 1890

    1. Letter from Ernest Brabrook to Richard Hibberd, 1893

    1. Advertisement for the Klose kiln

    1. Advertisement for the Klose kiln (5 copies)


Subject headings:

Brabrook, Ernest G., 1868-1935

Bricks and brickmaking — Nebraska

Hibberd Brick Company (Kearney, Neb.)

Hibberd, Richard H., 1845-1932

Kearney (Neb.) — Businesses

Klose, Charles, 1853-1917


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