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RG3034.AM:  Herndon House (Omaha, Neb.)

Register:  1865-1866

Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Hotel

Size:  1 reel of microfilm containing 1 volume


Herndon House was built in 1858 by Dr. George L. Miller, Lyman Richardson and George Bride. Financed by the sale of city-donated land and a sixteen thousand dollar loan, the hotel was named for the naval hero, Lt. William Lewis Herndon. Early proprietors were M.C. Keith and James T. Allan, although only the name of Allan appears in the register. This building, located on the southwest corner of 9th and Farnum streets in what was then the heart of the business district, was “the best” hotel in town and possibly one of the finest between Chicago and San Francisco. Its location, its fine menu, and its reputation attracted some of the most prominent men in the Territory to stay there.

Numbered among the guests were political figures, soldiers, railroad men, Indian chiefs, river-boat men, and ranchers. Among the familiar names registered can be found those of: W.T. Sherman, Major General G.M. Dodge, Major General S.R. Curtis, George Francis Train, James E. Boyd, David Butler, Alvin Saunders, General J.M. Thayer, Thomas C. Durant, H.M. Hoxie, P.T. Barnum, J. Sterling Morton, P.W. Hitchcock, and H. Fontanelle. Guests of March 29, 1865, included the delegation of H. Fontanelle, Louis Sansosee, Joseph LaFleche, Little Chief, Standing Hawk, No Knife, Young Crane, Little Hill and others bound for Washington to see the President.

The register was also used as advertising space by guests and patrons. Travelers were informed of the departure of the steamers and their destinations, such as: “Steamer Deer Lodge for Fort Benton, March 27, 1865, 2 p.m.” or “Steamer Montana for St. Louis, March 26, 1865, 4 p.m.” On May 2, 1865, guests were advised to “Use Seely’s Catarrh Remedy.” Arrivals of July 3, 1865, included “Yankee Robinson’s Big Show” under the direction of Mr. Robinson, with Harry Fuller, the principal clown, and a score of supernumeraries. In later years, this hotel came to be known as the International Hotel. The building was leased in 1870 by the Union Pacific Railroad for use as its general headquarters, and in 1875 the railroad bought the building outright. They vacated in 1911, and the building was used as a storehouse until 1922 when it was torn down.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing one volume, the register of the Herndon House hotel of Omaha, Nebraska Territory, entries dating from 28 March 1865 to June 1866. The volume was loaned for microfilming in 1966. The Nebraska State Historical Society does not hold the original volume.


Reel 1

Register, 1865-1866



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