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RG3450.AM:  Henry Edward Goebel, 1907-1998

Papers:  1926-1962

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Teacher

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box and 1 oversized scrapbook


Henry Edward Goebel, son of Frederick and Matilda Goebel, was born on August 25, 1907.  Goebel attended the University of Nebraska, receiving his bachelor of science and M.A. degrees.  He also studied at Harvard, Claremont College and the University of Southern California.  Goebel taught at Friend High School before returning to Lincoln.  Starting in 1937 he taught science at Irving Junior High School in Lincoln.  Goebel spent his career in education at the local, state and national levels.

Henry Goebel held various offices with the Lincoln Teachers Association, Nebraska State Education Association, National Department of Classroom Teachers and the National Education Association.  Goebel was also a member of the Nebraska Junior Academy of Science, Cornhusker Boy Scout Council, Nebraska Ornithologists Union and the Nebraska Art Association.  Goebel married Viola Krause in 1940 and the couple had three children.  Henry Edward Goebel died in Lincoln, Nebraska, on February 13, 1998.


This collection consists of various papers relating to Henry Goebel’s work with various Lincoln civic and charitable organizations, Lincoln Public Schools, and the Co-operative for American Remittances to Europe (C.A.R.E.).  The collection includes correspondence, manuals, pamphlets, etc. dating from ca. 1926 to 1962.


Box 1


  1. National Education Association, correspondence, hand-outs, etc., 1960-1961

  2. Lincoln Public Schools, manuals for teachers, 1935-1958, n.d.

  3. Lincoln Junior High Schools, “Tentative Science Course of Study,” 1936-1937

    Lincoln Junior High Schools, “Science Course of Study Supplement, 1938

  4. Junior Civic League materials, 1944-1955, n.d.

  5. Local civic organizations, 1937-1962

  6. Pamphlets for use in junior high schools on use of tobacco and liquor, 1926-1962

  7. Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (C.A.R.E.) receipts and correspondence, 1947-1949

  8. Scrapbook entitled: “Nova Scotia: The Land of Evangeline,” presented to Henry E. Goebel by 8th grade English class, Irving Junior High School, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1962 (see oversize)


Subject headings:

Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (C.A.R.E)

Education — Nebraska — Lincoln

Educators — Nebraska

Goebel, Henry Edward, 1907-1998

Irving Junior High School (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Junior Civic League (Lincoln, Nebraska

Science — Study and teaching


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