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RG3604.AM:  Harry Levi Hollingworth, 1880-1956

Autobiography:  1940

DeWitt, Saline County, Neb.; Barnard University, New York:  Psychologist; teacher

Size:  2 volumes


Harry Levi Hollingworth was born in DeWitt, Nebraska in 1880. He was an 1896 graduate of DeWitt High School and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nebraska in 1906. He taught school in Nebraska before leaving to study for his Ph.D at Columbia. He received his doctorate in 1909. In 1910 he married Leta Stetter, a woman who shared his interest in psychology and teaching. After joining the faculty in 1909, Hollingworth passed his entire career in the Psychology Department at Barnard University, where a psychology laboratory was eventually named in his honor in 1954. He published over 100 articles and 25 books, principally in the area of applied psychology. In 1927 he was elected President of the American Psychological Association, and in 1937 both he and his wife received honorary LL.D Degrees from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Hollingworth died in September of 1956.


This collection consists of the unpublished, two volume autobiography of Harry L. Hollingworth. “Born in Nebraska” is the title of the first part; the second concerns the “Years At Columbia.” Dr. Hollingworth wrote the autobiography in 1940, the year after the death of his wife, Leta. The volumes have been removed from their spring-bindings for preservation; the bindings have been retained as artifacts.

Note:  A photograph of Harry Hollingworth is available in the Portraits Collection [RG2411.PH]. See RG0805 for materials relating to Leta Stetter Hollingworth. Additional Stetter family materials can be found in the William Danley collection [RG0934]. See the NSHS Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for published materials by and about Harry and Leta Stetter Hollingworth.


Series 1 – “Born in Nebraska”

Box 1


  1. Preface and contents

  2. Part I: Our Town

  3. Part II: Public School Days

  4. Part III: Caught in a Trap

  5. Part IIII: On Board

Series 2 – “Years at Columbia”

  1. Contents

  2. Part I: Pianissimo

  3. Part II: Crescendo

  4. Part III: Fortissimo

  5. Part IV: Diminuendo

Binder, “Born in Nebraska by Harry L. Hollingworth, as written in first person. carbon copy.”

Binder, “Years at Columbia by H.L. Hollingworth — Carbon”



Hollingworth, Harry Levi, 1880-1956

Hollingworth, Leta Stetter, 1886-1939

Psychologists — Biography

Psychologists — Nebraska



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