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RG1618.AM:  Havelock Farmers’ Institute (Havelock, Nebraska)

Records:  1906-1967

Havelock, Lancaster County, Nebraska

Size:  0.7 cu.ft.; 1 box


Founded in 1906, the Havelock Farmers’ Institute brought local farmers and merchants together for sixty years.  Initially, the object of the organization was to “teach better methods of farming, stock raising, fruit culture, etc., and to promote the moral, intellectual, social and material welfare of the community.”  The Institute then became a kind of “mutual admiration” society among the farmers and merchants around Havelock, Nebraska.  The primary function of the organization revolved around the sponsorship an annual fair similar to a county fair.  In later years the fairs were sponsored by the Havelock Businessman’s Association.  Over the years, enthusiasm waned and the cost of sponsoring activities rose.  By the late 1960s the Institute had become inactive and eventually disbanded.


The collection consists of one box of records relating to the history and activities of the Havelock Farmers’ Institute, Havelock, Nebraska.  The records date from 1906 to 1967 and include minutes of meetings, administrative and financial paperwork, premium lists, prize winners’ lists, newspaper clippings and other miscellaneous items.  The collection is arranged into eight series.  The bulk of the collection consists of photocopies only, but some original items are also included.


Series 1 – Minutes, 1906-1963

Box 1


  1. 1906-1917

  2. 1961, 1964-1967

  3. 1962-1963 (volume also includes Winner’s Lists for grain, eggs, tractor driving, 1962)

Series 2 – Treasurer’s records, 1926-1961

  1. 1926-1961

Series 3 – Incorporation, 1962

  1. Papers regarding incorporation, 1962

Series 4 – Records of Havelock Businessmen’s Association

  1. Copies of items from minutes relating to Farmers’ Institute, 1959-1967

Series 5 – Premium lists, 1934-1964

  1. 1934-1964 (see oversize)

  2. 1954-1961 (see oversize)

Series 6 – Winners’ lists, 1949-1964

  1. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1949

  2. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1950

  3. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1951

  4. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1952

  5. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1957

  6. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1958

  7. Cooking, Baking, Canning, 1963

  8. Cooking, Banking, Canning, and Style Show, 1964

  9. Needlework, 1949

  10. Eggs and Grain, 1961

  11. Poultry, 1961

Series 7 – Clippings

  1. Loose clippings

  2. Scrapbook, 1962-1964

Series 8 – Miscellany

  1. Food brought for dinners, 1957-1963

  2. Blank award certificates

  3. Honor Farm Family, 1963

  4. Publicity items, 1957


Subject headings:

Agriculture — Nebraska — Lancaster County

Businesses — Nebraska — Lancaster County


Havelock (Nebraska) — Businesses

Havelock Businessmen’s Association (Havelock, Nebraska)

Havelock Farmers’ Institute (Havelock, Nebraska)


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