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RG1062.AM:  Hamilton-Murdock Family

Papers:  1907, 1922-1945

Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska

Size:  One folder


This collection mainly consists of letters, 1922-1945, written to and from members of the Hamilton family regarding Republican Party politics. Correspondents include James H. Hanley, Dwight Griswold, Frances P. Matthews, V.B. Caldwell, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., Lois Swabel, and Randall Jacobs. The letters (1935) between Mrs. Charles W. Hamilton, Jr. and Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. relate to the Omaha Women’s Club. The letters from Lois Swabel and Randall Jacobs to Mrs. Hamilton (1945) relate to recruitment for the Navy.

The collection also includes obituaries for Arthur H. Murdock, Maud N. Hamilton, and George Henry Merrill, as well as articles about a lecture by Fulton J. Sheen and a marriage announcement for Virginia Seabrooke and A. Clark Murdock. Other items include the membership card of C.W. Hamilton, Jr. for the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska, and a U.S. State Department order of protection for Charles W. Hamilton, dated June of 1907.


Subject headings:

Caldwell, Victor Bush, 1864-1915

Douglas County (Nebraska)

Griswold, Dwight, 1893-1954

Hamilton family

Hamilton, Charles W., 1859-1928

Hamilton, Charles W., 1890-1971

Hamilton, Maud Colton (Noteware), 1858-1935

Hanley, James H., 1881-1945

Jacobs, Randall, 1885-1967

Matthews, Francis Patrick, 1887-1952

McHugh, William Douglas, 1859-1923

Merrill, George Henry, 1884-1926

Murdock family

Murdock, A. Clark

Murdock, Arthur H., 1863-1935

Murdock, Virginia Elinor (Seabrooke)

Omaha Women’s Club (Omaha, Nebraska)

Omaha (Nebraska)

Political participation — Nebraska — Omaha

Political parties — Nebraska — Omaha

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1887-1944

Sheen, Fulton J., 1895-1979

Swabel, Lois L.


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