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RG3403.AM:  Gregory Family

Papers:  1862-1979, bulk 1881-1969

Crete, Saline County, Neb.:  Educators

Size:  8 boxes


George Albert Gregory was born in Adams Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan, in November 1851. He worked on his father’s farm and attended area schools until the age of twenty-one, when he entered a business college in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He taught, in 1873, in Barry Co., Michigan, and in the next year left for Nebraska. Gregory began clearing a claim near Harvard, Nebraska and during the period 1874-1876 worked his land and hired out to other farmers while teaching in Artist District near DeWitt. In 1876 he entered Crete Academy, and two years later started at Doane College, where he graduated in 1882. Until 1894 he was professor and principal of Gates Academy in Neligh. He organized a chapter of the Young Peopleís Society of Christian Endeavor in Neligh in 1883. From 1895-1900, Gregory worked in the public schools system in Oregon as principal for the Medford Public Schools and school superintendent for Jackson County, Oregon. He returned to Nebraska in 1900 and served until 1909 as Superintendent of Public Schools in Crete. For the next six years he was the Inspector of State Normal Training in Nebraska. He also organized Boy Scout Troup I in Crete in 1911. G.A. Gregory lived in retirement in Crete until his death in 1945.

Note: Additional materials relating to George A. Gregory’s time in Oregon are available at the Southern Oregon Historical Society’s Research Library in Medford, Oregon.

Annadora Foss Gregory, daughter of George Albert and Mary Foss Gregory, was born in April 1893, at Neligh, Nebraska. She attended Doane College, and obtained her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Nebraska in 1932. Dr. Gregory taught at Cottey College, Missouri, and for many years was Professor of Social Studies at Chadron State College, Chadron, Nebraska. She was a founding member of the Rho State Nebraska Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society and became an active member in the Zeta Chapter in Lincoln, Neb. Her doctoral dissertation, The History of Crete, Nebraska–1870-1888, is a valuable source of information on Saline County and Crete. A copy of her dissertation is located in the NSHS library along with several later editions published under the title, Pioneer days in Crete, Nebraska.


This collection consists of eight manuscript boxes arranged into two series: 1) George Gregory, and 2) Annadora Foss Gregory.

Series 1 is made up of correspondence, diaries, and an autobiography of George Gregory. It also contains some financial records, genealogical research, and miscellaneous items including three scrapbooks.

Correspondence, writings, and diplomas of Annadora Foss Gregory can be found in Series 2. The rest of the series is made up of research done by Annadora on various topics including Doane College, Crete, Nebraska, and Saline County. There is also educational material from when she was a teacher. Additional genealogy letters to Annadora are included in the genealogical research materials in Series 1.


Series 1 – George Gregory

Box 1


  1. Correspondence, 1862, 1878, 1881-1886

  2. Correspondence, 1892-1898

  3. Correspondence, 1900-1910

  4. Correspondence, 1912-1918

  5. Correspondence, 1923-1929

  6. Correspondence, 1930-1934

  7. Correspondence, Golden Wedding Anniversary and Christmas cards, 1934

  8. Correspondence, Golden Wedding Anniversary and Christmas cards, 1934

  9. Correspondence, 1935-1939

  10. Correspondence, 1940-1945, 1968

  11. Correspondence, undated

  12. Diaries, original, 1872-1878

  13. Diaries, original, 1872-1878

  14. Diaries, original, 1879-1882

  15. Diaries, original, 1895-1914

  16. Diaries transcript, 1872-1875

  17. Diaries transcript, 1876-1879

  18. “The Gregory Trail” by George Albert Gregory (notes), 1938

  19. “The Gregory Trail” G. A. Gregory Autobiography (transcript)

  20. Speeches and writings

  21. Lecture notes and speeches

  22. Writings for organizations

Box 2


  1. Financial documentation; invoices and receipts

  2. Gregory farmland

  3. Ledgers, financial, 1885-1888

  4. Ledger, financial, 1911-1915

  5. Deeds, mortgages, wills, and taxes of family

  6. Genealogical correspondence, undated; 1923-1957

  7. Genealogical correspondence, 1958-1978

  8. Gregory genealogy (see also oversize)

  9. Gregory genealogies

  10. Family genealogies

  11. Reed family genealogies

  12. Genealogical notes, charts, etc.

  13. Genealogical notes, charts, etc.

  14. Newspaper clippings-Family in the news

  15. Newspaper clippings-Oregon; G. A. Gregory

  16. Newspaper clippings-Annexation and land prices

  17. Obituaries of family and friends

  18. Certificates (see oversize)

  19. Scores and miscellaneous papers

  20. Miscellaneous programs and pamphlets

Box 3


  1. The Knights of King Arthur-boy’s group

  2. Index of normal training schools and pamphlets

  3. “A History of Congregationalism in Nebraska”

  4. Scrapbook-name cards, 1870-1890

  5. G. A. Gregory and Mary Foss Gregory autograph albums

  6. Scrapbook-Records and letters of G. A. Gregory (see oversize vol. 1)

  7. Scrapbook-Gates College (see oversize vol. 2)

  8. Scrapbook-The Band of Hope (see oversize vol. 3)

  9. Travel and recreation

Series 2 – Annadora Foss Gregory

  1. Correspondence, 1897-1898

  2. Correspondence, 1900-1906, 1918, 1929

  3. Correspondence, 1930-1939

  4. Correspondence, 1940-1948, 1951-1959

  5. Correspondence, 1960-1969

  6. Correspondence, 1970-1979

  7. Correspondence, undated

  8. “Reminiscences of my Grandfather, Samuel Reed Foss,” by Annadora Foss Gregory

  9. Manuscript, “A Student Romance of Early Doane College Days” (116 pgs.)

  10. Writings about or by Annadora

  11. Annadora’s writings-Congregationalism

  12. Lecture notes and speeches

  13. Records, contracts and certificates

  14. Annadora’s diplomas

  15. Annadora’s baby book

  16. Lecture outlines (pt 1 of 3)

  17. Lecture outlines (pt 2 of 3)

  18. Reddings Secondary (pt 3 of 3)

  19. Notes

  20. Research notes

  21. Research notes on History of Doane: Finances

  22. Research notes on History of Doane: Organization

Box 4


  1. Research notes on History of Doane: Minutes and bibliography

  2. Research notes on History of Doane: Assorted topics

  3. Research notes on History of Doane: Assorted topics

  4. Research, Crete, Nebraska (see also oversize)

  5. Research, Saline County

  6. Bohemian immigration; business and businessmen; cattle industry

  7. Census records, Saline County, late 1800s

  8. Church information; G.A.R.; country courthouse; Doane College instructors

  9. Crete library board; map reproductions; Masonic Lodge; Pioneer Historical Society

  10. Settlers; biographical notes and interviews with old settlers

  11. Swan City; Crete taxes; voting stats; Women’s Christian Temperance Union, assorted

  12. Historical research

  13. Research, community

  14. Newspaper clippings (Research)

  15. Newspaper clippings (Research)

  16. Newspaper clippings (Research)

  17. Newspaper clippings (Research)

Box 5


  1. Organization’s correspondence

  2. Organizational records, memos, etc.

  3. Delta Kappa Gamma

  4. Publications and programs

  5. News clippings

  6. Education-related and educational news clippings

  7. Education-related and educational news clippings

  8. Sociology papers

  9. Sociology papers, etc.

  10. Academy Histories

  11. Temperance material

  12. Clippings, misc.

  13. Church bulletins and newsletters, misc.

  14. Newsletters, pamphlets, and publications

  15. Memorials and tributes

  16. Obituaries, non-Gregory’s

Box 6


  1. Sheet music, patriotic and inspirational songs, c. 1880s-1890s

  2. Scrapbook-Chadron, Nebraska clippings

  3. Loose note cards

Box 7   Note cards, indexed

Box 8   Note cards, indexed



Crete, Nebraska — History

Doane College (Crete, Neb.)

Education — Nebraska

Gregory, Annadora Foss, 1893-

Gregory Family

Gregory, George Albert, 1851-1945

Saline County, Nebraska — History

School Superintendents and Principals


Universities and colleges — Nebraska


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