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RG5545.AM:  Grasmick Family (Scottsbluff, Neb.)

Papers:  1912, n.d.

Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff County, Neb.:  

Size:  0.1 cu.ft.


The Grasmick family emigrated from Russia in 1912 and eventually settled in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


This collection contains the passports of Henry and Catherine Grasmick, biographical and genealogical information about the Grasmick family, and two oversized religious history documents (in German) created by Henry Grasmick (see below for description and translations). Also included in the collection is an 8×10 photograph of the Grasmick family.

Two hand-drawn charts with Biblical texts in German, illustrating the history of the universe from eternity to eternity (or, in German: “That which lies between two eternities”). Supplementary information, including clarifications and references to Biblical texts, is provided at the bottom of the charts. The expanse of time illustrated by the charts is divided into five phases, identified on the larger chart by the letters A, B, C, D, and E: (A) The Eternity before the Creation of Mankind; (B) The Creation of the World; (C) The History of Mankind; (D) The New Creation-a new heaven and a new earth; (E) The Eternity after the Conclusion of Human History-when “God is all in all.”

The History of Mankind (phase C) is further divided into seven ages [German: Zeitalter]: (1) The fall of mankind because of sin; (2) and (3) The consequence of sin (i.e., death); (4) The Babylonian Captivity up to the coming of Christ (identified by a large cross at the center of the chart); (5) The nations under grace-the current age, which includes the [First] World War, Bolshevism, Fascism, and the return of Jews to Palestine; (6) The binding of Satan for 1000 years (including the resurrection of the faithful); (7) The release of Satan.

On the right, in red ink, is the lake of fire [German: Feuersee], reserved for those whose names are not written in the Book of Life. The throne is the “white throne of judgment.”

The smaller chart [Karte II] is an elaboration of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ages, but with slightly different identifying phrases. Fifth age: The Current Chronological Era. Sixth age: The Great Distress. Seventh age: The 1000-year Reign of Peace.

Most of the Biblical references are to the Book of Revelations [German: Offenbarung, abbreviated Offg. on the charts].



Germans from Russia — Nebraska

Grasmick family

Grasmick, Catherine

Grasmick, Henry

Religious texts

Scottsbluff (Neb.)


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