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RG3037.AM:  German Evangelical Congregational Zion Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Records:  1900-1966

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  German evangelical church

Size:  1 reel of microfilm


In January of 1900, a group of men, mostly Volga-Germans who had recently come from Europe, met to discuss the advisability of organizing a new church in the southwest part of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. With the supervision and assistance of Dr. M.E. Eversz of Chicago, who was then superintendent of the German Congregational Church of America, the German Evangelical Congregational Zion Church of Lincoln, was organized on January 17, 1900. Three months later, the first church building was dedicated at 4th and F Streets. Rev. C.E. Orthoff, the first pastor, served only a brief time and was followed by Rev. S.H. Schwab. The church was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nebraska on January 18, 1901.

The original church building had to be enlarged in 1907 in order to serve the growing congregation. With an increasing membership in the 1920s, it was decided to build a new church building. The new German Evangelical Congregation Zion Church was built at 9th and D. It was dedicated on February 12, 1928. In 1963 the Zion Congregation became part of the United Church of Christ, and the Church became known as the Zion United Church of Christ [see RG3981 for related materials].


This collection consists of one reel of negative microfilm of one volume of records of the church from the date of organization until 1966. These records are arranged in five sections: 1) Register of baptisms, 1900-1965; 2) Register of deaths, 1901-1966; 3) Register of weddings, 1900-1966; 4) Register of confirmations, 1901-1966; and 5) Mission collections, 1915. These records of the church were loaned for microfilming in August of 1966 [see RG3981 for related materials].


Reel 1

Register of baptisms, 1900-1965 (pp. 54-179 and 196-225)

Register of deaths, 1901-1966 (pp. 300-326)

Register of weddings, 1900-1966 (pp. 400-434)

Register of confirmations, 1901-1966 (pp. 500-519)

Mission collections, 1915 (pg. 580)



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