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RG2830.AM:  George Winslow, 1823-1849

Correspondence, etc.: 1849-1911

Newton, Massachusetts:  Pioneer

Size:  1 reel of microfilm and 1 folder


George Winslow was born 11 August 1823 at Ramapo, New York.  He was the son of Eleazer Winslow, a machinist by trade.  The Winslow family migrated to Newton, Massachusetts, where George learned his father’s trade.  George Winslow was married in 1845.  He was the father of two sons, George Edward and Henry O. Winslow.  In 1849, announcement of the gold discovery in California reached Newton.  The Boston and Newton Joint Stock Association was formed to lead an expedition to the Gold Fields.  During the journey, Winslow was struck with cholera.  He died June 8, 1849 at the age of twenty-five in what is now Jefferson County, Nebraska.  A marker was placed at his grave, five miles north of Fairbury.  His grave marker prompted research in 1891 by Rev. George S. Goldsmith.  George W. Hansen also published an article in 1912 about Winslow’s death.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm and one folder of manuscript material relating to the death of George Winslow.  The microfilm reel contains copies of correspondence as well as newspaper clippings about George Winslow.  Also included is a list of members of the Boston and Newton Joint Stock Association.  The folder contains correspondence, including a copy of Winslow’s last letter, as well as copies of some of the correspondence with George Goldsmith.  Also included are a copy of the news clipping, “Memories of 1849” by George Hansen and Mrs. C.F. Steel, and a typescript of “A Tragedy of the Oregon Trail” by George Hansen.


Reel 1

Letter from Brackett Lord to his wife describing Winslow’s death, 1849 (copy)

Correspondence between Rev. S. Goldsmith and Winslow Family, 1891

list of members of the Boston and Newton Joint Stock Association

News clippings


Correspondence, 1849-1911 (includes copy of last letter of George Winslow to his wife, 1849; and letters relating to the Winslow family history

“A Tragedy of the Oregon Trail,” by George Hansen

“Memories of 1849” addresses by George Hansen and Mrs. C.F. Steel


Subject headings:

Boston and Newton Joint Stock Association

Frontier and pioneer life

Jefferson County (Nebraska) — History

Overland journeys to the Pacific

Winslow, George, 1823-1849


JEP/TT/pmc         03-30-1972