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RG4147.AM:  George Conner White, 1868-1943

Records:  1892-1908

Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska:  Proprietor of general store

Size:  11 volumes


George C. White, son of W.P. and Matilda (Crebeling) White was born at Light Street, Columbia County, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1868.  After finishing common school, White migrated to Ohio and then South Dakota, working as a farm hand in both places.  After four years in South Dakota, he moved to North Platte, Nebraska, in 1890.

After clerking in F.C. Bewisk’s grocery store for two years, White moved to Sutherland where he began a general store of his own, operating this business until 1908.  From 1908-1938, George C. White was the owner and operator of the Sutherland Phone Company.  He served as an officer on the boards of several companies in Sutherland and North Platte, had extensive land holdings in Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming, and served twenty years on Sutherland’s town council and school board.

George C. White died in North Platte on March 8, 1943.  He was survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and three of their four children.


This collection consists of eleven volumes of financial records arranged in two series:  1) Day Books, 1899-1908; and 2) Ledgers, 1892-1903.  This material relates to the general store owned by George C. White in Sutherland, Nebraska.

The day books, 1899-1908, of Series 1 provide a daily record of sales of George C. White’s general store.  Listings show purchaser, date of purchase, item(s) purchased, cost, and total bill of sale.  Series 2 consists of two ledgers, 1892-1903.  These volumes contain an alphabetical index of individual and business accounts.  Each account shows date, item(s) purchased, cost, and terms of payment.  Information on livestock bought and sold by White is also included.


Series 1 – Day books, 1899-1908


  1. July 1, 1899-July 7, 1900

  2. July 9, 1900-April 4, 1901

  3. April 5, 1901-November 30, 1901

  4. December 1, 1901-October 31, 1902

  5. November 1, 1902-November 30, 1903

  6. December 1, 1903-December 7, 1904

  7. December 8, 1904-October 31, 1905

  8. March 1, 1906-December 7, 1906

  9. December 8, 1906-January 25, 1908

Series 2 – Ledgers, 1892-1903

  1. 1892-1895

  2. 1896-1903


Subject headings:

Businesses — Nebraska — Sutherland

Grocery stores — Nebraska

Lincoln County (Nebraska) — Businesses

Merchants — Nebraska

Sutherland (Nebraska) — Businesses

White, George Connor, 1868-1943


AIP/pmc                12-15-1986