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RG2625.AM:  George Brandsberg, 1937-

Interviews and research material

Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Author; journalist

Size: 1 box; 0.75 cu.ft.


Born in South Dakota, George Brandsberg lived on an irrigated farm where dairy cows, sheep, 4-H, Boy Scouts and even taxidermy were a part of his youth.  He graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in philosophy in addition to minor work in history, journalism and French.  Brandsberg’s career includes work as a newspaper reporter, photographer and free-lance correspondent.  He is the author of The Two Sides in the NFO’s Battle, (Ames, Iowa, 1964).


This collection consists of Brandsberg’s research files, correspondence, interview notes, etc. compiled while writing his history of the National Farmers Organization entitled, The Two Sides in the NFO’s Battle (1964).  The bulk of the material dates from ca. 1962-1964.  Included are survey responses from various county extension personnel throughout the Midwest. 

Note:  Various audio recordings relating to National Farmers Organization meetings from 1962-1963 are part of the audio component [RG2625.AU].  Included are taped interviews with Oren Lee Staley, President, National Farmers Organization, May 8, 1962, and March 21, 1963.


Box 1


  1. Survey of County Extension Directors, 1962-1963

  2. Letters, interview notes, etc. gathered during research on the NFO, 1963

  3. NFO Meeting for Action

  4. NFO unused copy

  5. NFO Holding Action

  6. NFO election and meeting, 1962

  7. NFO union ties

  8. NFO false arrest case

  9. Minnesota milk dumping

  10. NFO – Staley, etc.

  11. NFO Propaganda

  12. NFO clippings, misc.

  13. American Farm Bureau Federation

  14. Grange data

  15. National Farmers Union

  16. Committee for Economic Development (CED) revolt


Subject headings:

Agricultural societies

Agriculture — Economic aspects

American Farm Bureau Federation

Brandsberg, George, 1937-

Journalists — Nebraska

National Farmers Organization

National Farmers Union

National Grange


L. Willmore/js         07-17-1964