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RG2989.AM:  Frank F. Aplan, 1900-1966

Maps, etc.:  1895, 1959

Rushville, Sheridan County, Neb.:  

Size:  1 folder


The collection consists of one folder of material arranged in two series: 1) Crazy Horse Maps, 1895; and 2) Letter, 1959.

The maps in the collection describe the death of Crazy Horse as related by Red Cloud in 1895. Frank Aplan obtained them in 1961 from Agnes Elk Boy, daughter of James Red Cloud and great granddaughter of Chief Red Cloud who lived west of Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Series 1 includes two original maps drawn by Red Cloud as he related the story of the death of Crazy Horse. Included are five translated maps. The originals have notations written in Sioux. Series 2 consists of one letter concerning reminiscences of Doc Middleton, Nebraska outlaw, c. 1870-1880, by Rev. Thomas J. Peacock of Ainsworth, Nebraska.


Series 1 – Crazy Horse maps, 1895

Folder 1

Two original maps drawn by Red Cloud as he related death of Crazy Horse (also includes two translated maps for Map #1 and three translated maps for Map #2)

Series 2 – Letter, 1959

Letter, Rev. Thomas J. Peacock of Ainsworth, Nebraska to Mr. and Mrs. Cottier of Martin, South Dakota containing personal reminiscences of Doc Middleton dated Feb. 7, 1959

Note:  The photo component of this collection [RG2989.PH] consists of photographic prints dating from the 1870s and 1890s and undated prints. Included are a photograph of a Native American burial ground with coffins placed on poles and a photograph of the Janis livestock herd in a valley below Camp Sheridan. There are also prints of the scout Baptiste (Big Bat) Pourier and his wife.



Crazy Horse (Oglala Sioux Chief), ca. 1842-1877

Middleton, David Cherry (Doc), 185?-1913

Peacock, Rev. Thomas James, 1875-

Red Cloud (Sioux Chief), 1822-1909

Siouan Indians

Siouan languages


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