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RG2171.AM:  Francis A. Long, 1859-1937

Papers:  1881-1935, n.d.

Madison, Madison County, Neb.:  Physician

Size:  1.0 cu.ft.


Dr. Long was born in Pennsylvania in 1859. He was educated in Iowa and at the University of Chicago, and practiced in Madison, Nebraska after 1882. He was a member of the A.M.A. and the N.M.A. and in 1895 became the first physician to administer anti-toxin in Nebraska. Dr. Long took an active interest in good roads, and from 1920-1931 he was vice-president of the Madison Highway Association. A more complete biography may be found in the collection.


The papers of Dr. Francis A. Long are arranged in seven series: 1) Correspondence, 1920-1929, n.d.; 2) Financial material; 3) Manuscripts; 4) Biography; 5) General information; 6) Printed matter; and 7) Miscellaneous.

The material in this collection relates mainly to the public relations aspects of the proposed International Meridian Highway, dating to the 1920s, which was intended to run from Winnipeg, Canada to Mexico City, Mexico. Correspondents includes: Dr. Francis A. Long, John C. Nicholson, G.A. Macnaughton, D.E. Colp, T.A. Anthony, W.A. Biba, and H.L. Boyes. The content concerns contributions and public relations work of the association.

Additional material in the collection relates mostly to Dr. Long’s medical career and awards to his daughter, Harriet C. Long, for her work in the library field.


Series 1 – Correspondence, 1920-1929, n.d.

Box 1


  1. Undated; From Dr. Long to his wife, “Maggie”

  2. 1920-1921

  3. 1922-1923

  4. 1924

  5. 1925

  6. 1926-1927

  7. 1928-1929

  8. Miscellaneous

Series 2 – Financial material

Box 1


  1. 1911-1924, Financial reports

  2. 1881-1917, Account Books

  3. 1914-1935, Account Books

  4. Monthly Expenditures

Series 3 – Manuscripts

Box 1


  1. Constitution of the International Meridian Highway Association of 1912, as amended, July 1921

  2. 1919, “Roads in France and America” by Edgar A. Kingsley

    Undated, “Mexico: Future Tourist Paradise,” unsigned but probably By F.A. Long

    1926, “Laredo, The Gateway to Mexico,” Broadcast on radio WOAI, San Antonio, by Fred W. Mally

  3. 1978, Dec. 22, “How to Teach Writing”

    Undated, “Life in Nebraska”

Series 4 – Biography

Box 2


  1. A one page biography of F.A. Long

  2. Newspaper articles and speeches given in honor of Dr. F.A. Long’s fifty years of practice

Series 5 – General information

Box 2


  1. Personnel list of M.H.A.

    Mileage from city to city along the route

    Minutes of meetings of the various state associations

    Report on the progress of the highway


  2. Printed information sheets, includes a history of the Meridian Highway Program

  3. Mileage Book, 1912, 1920, 1926, 1928, 1929 and 1935

Series 6 – Printed matter

Box 2


  1. Newspapers and clippings, ca. 1920s, concerning the Highway and various people associated with it

  2. Periodicals: U.S.D.A. Bulletin #321

    Mexican-American Gateway

    Mineral and Industrial News, Volume 1, No. 6, August 1921

    Mexico Today, Volume 4, No. 8, September 1926

  3. Map of the Pikes Peak Ocean to Ocean Highway

  4. 1887-1921; Scrapbook – Profound Contributions to Literature, Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Series 7 – Miscellaneous

Box 2


  1. Photos of Mexicans, picture postcards, scenic views, etc.

  2. Mostly advertising

  3. Harriet Long, articles on library awards

  4. Harriet Long, tuition statements, 1904-1908

    Harriet Long, registration papers, 1905-1908

  5. Madison Town Hall and Court House Association, articles of association, 1889, Nov. 15



International Meridian Highway Association

Long, Francis A., 1859-1937

Long, Harriet C.

Madison Town Hall and Court House Association (Madison, Neb.)

Physicians — Nebraska

Roads — Nebraska — History

Roads — North America — History


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