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RG3059.AM:  First Congregational Church (Exeter, Neb.)

Records:  1872-1963

Exeter, Fillmore County, Neb.:  Congregational Church

Size:  3 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


The First Congregational Church of Exeter, Nebraska, was organized on March 3, 1872, with eleven charter members. The first pastor of the church was the Reverend T.N. Skinner, who served for two years. Prior to the construction of the church building, worship services were held in Exeter Hall for a year and a half, then were conducted in the new school house. The Congregational Church was the first church to be organized in Exeter, followed soon thereafter by the Baptist Church and the Methodist Church. The three denominations worshipped as one congregation until 1878. In the fall of 1877, a church building was constructed at a cost of about eighteen hundred dollars, and was later enlarged and remodeled in 1907. In 1889 Mrs. Catherine Smith donated a house to the Congregational Church to be used as a parsonage. A new parsonage was built in 1903.

In 1918 the Baptist and Congregational churches formed a union to be known as the Baptist Congregational Church. The churches shared a pastor and divided the cost of his salary. The arrangement continued until 1924, when many of the Baptists joined the Congregational Church.

The church building was again remodeled in 1924 by the addition of a 30×32 room and basement, which resulted in the present structure. The First Congregational Church of Exeter celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary in 1947, and in 1972 celebrated 100 years of service in the Exeter community.


This collection consists of three volumes of church records of the First Congregational Church of Exeter, Nebraska on one reel of microfilm. These records relate to the activities of the church and date from 1872-1963. Included are minutes and proceedings of meetings, 1872-1958, rolls of members, baptisms, marriages, and officers and printed matter relating to church history, contracts with pastors, church and Sunday School statistics, and records of charities and expenses.


Reel 1


  1. Minutes and Proceedings, Annual and Quarterly and Weekly Meetings, July 1882-1901

    Contracts with pastors, 1882-1901

    Financial records

  2. Minutes and Proceedings, Annual and Quarterly and Weekly Meetings, 1902-1958

    Memoranda of Agreement between Baptist and Congregational Churches, 1918

    Contracts with pastors

    Printed matter regarding church history and anniversary celebrations

  3. Register of Pastors, 1872-1917

    Register of Deacons, 1872-1917

    Register of Officers, 1872-1917

    Register of Delegates, 1872-1940

    Register of Baptisms, 1872-1963

    Register of members received, 1872-1954

    Register of members removed, including deaths and dismissals, 1874-1963

    Register of Marriages, 1896-1917

    Register of Charities and Expenses, 1895-1906

    Annual Church Statistics, 1895-1916

    Annual Sunday School Statistics, 1895-1916



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