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RG4087.AM:  First Church of Christ Scientist (Lincoln, Neb.)

Architectural drawings:  1905-1910

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Christian Science church

Size:  1 oversized folder


The First Church of Christ Scientist was organized in Lincoln, Nebraska, on October 10, 1902 with approximately 125 members. At first, the church leased a hall in the Fraternity building at 13th and N Streets. As membership increased, it became obvious that a larger and more permanent meeting site was required. In March of 1904 the church’s building committee decided to purchase two lots at the corner of 12th and L St. for a church.

The architectural plans of S. S. Beman of Chicago, Illinois were selected. The church was built in stages during 1907-1912, enabling the congregation to use sections of the building as they were completed. Although construction of the church was completed on September 1, 1912, the building was dedicated when the debt was paid on October 7, 1917.

In 1980 the First Church of Christ Scientist sold its building at 12th and L and relocated to 1906 D Street.


This collection consists of one oversize folder of manuscript material designated as one series: Architectural Drawings, 1905-1910. The drawings were made by S. S. Beman, a Chicago architect, in 1905 for the First Church of Christ Scientist of Lincoln, Nebraska. Many of the drawings were revised during 1906-1920 and these revisions are shown. The numbering system of the architect has been maintained. Where the same number has been assigned more than once, alphabetical subnumbers have been added (e.g. Drawing 1a, 1b, etc.) by the archivist.

Note:  All drawings are done to scale of 1/4″ = 1′


Series 1 – Architectural Drawings, 1905-1910


Plan of foundations and basement (1a)

Plan of basement (1b)

Plan of Foyer floor (2a,b)

Foyer floor plan (2c)

Framing plan (3a)

Auditorium plan (3b,c)

Plan of roof and attic (4a)

Transverse section “AB” looking north (4b)

Longitudinal section “ST” looking east (5)

Cross Section (6a)

North elevation (6b)

Longitudinal section (7)

West elevation (8)

Rear elevation (9a)

East elevation (9b)

East elevation (10a)

South elevation (10b)

West elevation (11)

Wall sections, pier and column footings (12)

Change in material and construction of clerestory and simplified wall treatment (15)

Front elevation (18)



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First Church of Christ Scientist (Lincoln, Neb.)

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