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RG3592.AM:  Fillmore County Historical Society (Fillmore County, Nebraska)

Papers:  1872-1917 and 1953-1968

Fillmore County, Nebraska

Size:  2.0 cu.ft.; 2 boxes


The Fillmore County Story, edited by Wilbur G. Gaffney and sponsored by the Geneva Community Grange, was published in 1968.  First efforts in gathering material for this book were begun in 1953 when the Geneva Community Grange appointed a committee to organize people to collect and write historical information about Fillmore County’s 16 townships and inhabitants.  Material was gathered and collected for ten years before arrangement and editing began.  Gaffney hoped for publication in Nebraska’s Centennial year, but the book came out one year later, in 1968.  The Fillmore County Story can be found in the NSHS Library [978.240 G131f].


This collection consists of two boxes of manuscript material arranged in three series: 1) Printer’s Proof; 2) Galley Proofs; and 3) Research Notes and Rough Drafts.

This collection relates to the history of Fillmore County, Nebraska, emphasizing particularly biographical information about early settlers and the organizational history of the county’s 16 townships.  Series 1 consists of a partial Printer’s Proof of the volume, The Fillmore County Story.  This series contains fragmented sections of this book as it appeared in final form.  Series 2 is comprised of Galley Proofs for several townships in Fillmore County.  They are arranged alphabetically by township.  Like the Printer’s Proof, these are in fragmented sections.

The Research Notes and Rough Drafts of Series 3 comprise the bulk of the collection.  Fragments and writings of reminiscences, biographies, and club, business, organizational, and school district histories are included.  Plat maps, correspondence and questionnaires dealing with Fillmore County history are also filed.  This series is arranged alphabetically by township.  It should be noted that there is much fragmentary information that is unedited and somewhat confusing in this series as well.


Series 1 – Printer’s Proof

Box 1


  1. Printer’s Proof – unbound and in fragmented sections

Series 2 – Galley Proofs (arranged alphabetically by township)

  1. Belle Prairie; Chelsea

  2. Exeter; Fairmont

  3. Geneva; Grafton; Hamilton

  4. Liberty; Madison; Stanton; West Blue

Series 3 – Research Notes and Rough Drafts (arranged alphabetically by township)

  1. Fillmore County – Settlement and Organization

  2. Belle Prairie Twp

  3. Bennett Twp

  4. Bennett Twp

  5. Bryant Twp

  6. Chelsea Twp

  7. Exeter Twp

  8. Exeter Twp

  9. Fairmont Twp

  10. Franklin Twp

  11. Franklin Twp      

Box 2


  1. Geneva City and Twp

  2. Geneva City and Twp

  3. Geneva City and Twp

  4. Geneva City and Twp

  5. Geneva City and Twp

  6. Glengary Twp

  7. Glengary Twp

  8. Grafton Twp

  9. Hamilton Twp

  10. Liberty Twp

  11. Liberty Twp

  12. Madison Twp

  13. Madison Twp

  14. Momence Twp

  15. Stanton Twp

  16. Stanton Twp

  17. West Blue Twp

  18. Miscellaneous Topics

  19. Editorial Notes and Policy Statements


Subject headings:

Fillmore County (Nebraska) — History

Fillmore County Historical Society (Fillmore County, Nebraska)

Gaffney, Wilbur G., 1906-1986


AIF         12-12-1979