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RG4128.AM:  Faith United Methodist Church (Lincoln, Neb.)

Records:  1895-1982

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Methodist church

Size:  25 volumes on 3 reels of microfilm; 1 folder


Sometime before 1896 the Rev. S.W. McKesson, a retired minister of the then Platte River Conference of the Evangelical Association, came to Lincoln, Nebraska, to open a meeting place and proceeded to build a house of worship on the corner of 29th and Potter Streets. Soon it was decided to relocate the church. Lots for the new site were purchased at 29th and Holdrege Streets. The building was moved to the new location and enlarged. In 1913 a new and larger building was constructed and used by the Salem Evangelical Congregation until 1936. In 1901 the Rev. G.S. Smith started a church at 10th and E Streets. Later it was decided to relocate the church in Northeast Lincoln. A new church known as the East Lincoln Evangelical Church was built on the corner of 33rd and W Streets in the year 1915.

Steps toward uniting the two congregations were taken in 1930 when the Rev. William G. Rembolt was appointed to serve both congregations. In September of 1931 a new site was purchased for the future church on the corner of 33rd and Starr Streets. A house was purchased, moved to this location, and remodeled for a parsonage which was occupied by the pastor in November of 1931. The two congregations voted to call the united church the First Evangelical Church and construction began on July 6, 1936.

Nationally, the Evangelical and United Brethren in Christ denominations united in 1946 and the church became known as First Evangelical United Brethren. In 1968 the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist became Epworth United Methodist.

In the late 1880s some students from Wesleyan University, assisted by a few residents, started a little mission Sunday School on North 27th Street. The name Epworth Methodist Episcopal Church was effected in August of 1890 with six charter members. Meetings were held in a store building at what is now 1934 North 30th Street. In 1896 the church was moved to a new location at 29th and Dudley Streets. Lots were purchased at 30th and Holdrege and a church erected in 1922. In 1939 several denominations, including the Methodist Episcopal, merged to become the Methodist Church. With the 1968 merger with Evangelical United Brethren denomination, the name of this congregation became Epworth United Methodist.

On January 1, 1976, Faith United Methodist at 33rd and Starr and Epworth United Methodist at 30th and Holdrege merged to become the present church with the name of Faith United Methodist.


This collection of the records of Faith United Methodist Church of Lincoln, Nebraska, contains the records of the present Faith United Methodist Church and four of its predecessor churches dating from 1895-1982. The records are contained on three reels of microfilm and are arranged in five series: 1) Salem Evangelical Church, 1895-1935; 2) East Lincoln Evangelical Church, 1902-1932; 3) First Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1936-1976; 4) Faith United Methodist Church, 1976-1982; and 5) Epworth Methodist Church, 1950-1972.

The records are primarily of two types: registers, which contain lists of members, and minutes. The latter generally include annual and other reports as well as a record of meetings. This collection was loaned for microfilming in December of 1982 and August of 1983.

Note:  One folder (not on microfilm) was added to the collection in 2009. The folder contains correspondence between Rev. William Rembolt of the First Evangelical Church of Lincoln and the St. Joseph Art Glass Works of St. Joseph, Missouri. The letters date from June to November of 1936 and relate to the design, purchase and shipment of stained glass windows for the church. Also included are receipts and some design notes and drawings.


Series 1 – Salem Evangelical Church, 1895-1935

Reel 1


  1. Trustees’ Minutes, 1895-1917

  2. Quarterly Conference Minutes, 1905-1931

  3. Register, 1912-1935

  4. Woman’s Missionary Society, Minutes, 1900-1903

  5. Woman’s Missionary Society, Minutes, 1923-1932

  6. Young People’s Alliance, Minutes, 1898-1900

  7. Young People’s Alliance, Minutes, 1901-1904

  8. Young People’s Alliance, Minutes, 1904-1908

  9. Young People’s Alliance Treasurer’s Book, 1908-1918

  10. Evangelical League of Christian Endeavor, Minutes, 1927-1935

Series 2 – East Lincoln Evangelical Church, 1902-1932

  1. Register, 1901-1935

  2. Quarterly Conference Minutes, 1920-1932

Series 3 – First Evangelical United Brethren Church, 1936-1976

  1. Register, 1936-1976 (includes 1968-1976 when church was named Faith United Methodist Church)

Reel 2


  1. Trustees’ Minutes, 1962-1966 (not in exact chronological order)

Series 4 – Faith United Methodist Church, 1976-1982

  1. Register, 1976-1982

  2. Administrative Board Minutes, 1980-1982

Series 5 – Epworth Methodist Church, 1950-1972

  1. Administrative Board Minutes, 1950-1954

  2. Administrative Board Minutes, 1954-1963

  3. Administrative Board Minutes, 1965-1967

  4. Administrative Board Minutes, 1968-1972

Reel 3


  1. Register of Members, 1891-1965

  2. Register of Members, 1940s-1970s

  3. Register, 1931-1958

  4. Register, 1941-1952

  5. Register, 1963-1971

Folder (not on microfilm)

Correspondence, receipts etc., 1936, June-Nov.



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