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RG4145.AM:  Faith United Church (Gibbon, Neb.)

Records:  1872-1977

Gibbon, Buffalo County, Neb.:  Church

Size:  1 reel of microfilm and 1 item


This congregation was formed in 1970 by the merger of the First United Presbyterian Church of Gibbon and the First United Methodist Church of Gibbon. The Presbyterian congregation was organized in 1872, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America. A frame brick-veneer building was completed the following year. In 1908 a new building was dedicated, which served until 1976. Also in 1872 the First Methodist Church was organized in Gibbon, and a building was dedicated in 1883. In 1900 lightening struck the steeple, and the church burned to the ground. It was quickly replaced.

The Gibbon church has been associated with other congregations in the vicinity. In 1952 the Lowell Methodist Church merged with the one in Gibbon. From 1965 to 1968 the Gibbon Methodist pastor also preached at the Bethel Evangelical United Brethren Congregation until a national merger of the two denominations in the latter year changed the names of both congregations to United Methodist.

Faith United Church, upon its formation in 1970, was affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The congregation used the church building of the former Presbyterian congregation until a new one was built in 1976.


This collection of the records of Faith United Church of Gibbon, Nebraska is composed of eleven volumes and three items on one reel of microfilm, arranged in four series: 1) Records of First United Presbyterian Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1872-1970; 2) Records of First United Methodist Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1951-1970; 3) Records of Faith United Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1971-1977; and 4) Church Histories. These records were loaned for filming in June of 1983. A 1922 Annual Convention program was transferred from the NSHS Library collections. It is unfilmed.

The records of the former Presbyterian congregation, including both minutes and registers of members, are complete from its founding in 1872 to the merger in 1970. The records of the former Methodist congregation include only registers of members from 1951-1970. The records of the current church consist of registers of members from its formation in 1971 through 1977.


Series 1 – Records of First United Presbyterian Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1872-1970

Reel 1


  1. Record Book, 1872-1912

  2. Minutes, 1912-1934

  3. Register, 1923-1953

  4. Register, 1951-1964

  5. Minutes, 1934-1960

  6. Minutes, 1960-1970

Series 2 – Records of First United Methodist Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1951-1970


  1. Register, 1951-1953

  2. Register, 1954-1964

  3. Register, 1964-1970

Series 3 – Records of Faith United Church (Gibbon, Neb.), 1971-1977


  1. Register, 1971-1973

  2. Register, 1962-1977

Series 4 – Church Histories


  1. “History of Faith United Church,” by Ellen Myers, 1980

  2. “History of Faith United Church,” by Ellen Myers, 1981

  3. “History of United Methodist Women,” by Ellen Myers, 1983

Gibbon Presbyterian Church Annual Convention of District 11, Nebraska Christian Endeavor program, 1922 (unfilmed)



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Faith United Church (Gibbon, Neb.)

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