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RG1223.AM:  Eugene O. Mayfield, 1860-1943

Papers:  1855, 1927

Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska:  Writer

Size:  One folder


The collection consists of one folder containing a few pieces of correspondence to and from Eugene O. Mayfield.  The correspondence discusses George Washington Mayfield’s (Eugene’s father) service in, and discharge from, the Elkhorn Volunteers, during the 1850s.  Correspondents include Eugene O. Mayfield, Addison E. Sheldon, Luther North and Robert Davis (from the U.S. Adjutant General’s office).  Also included are George Washington Mayfield’s discharge from the Elkhorn Volunteers dated September 28, 1855, and a newspaper clipping from the Omaha Evening Bee regarding the raising of Indian War vet pensions.



    1. George W. Mayfield’s discharge from the Elkhorn Volunteers, Sept. 28, 1855

    1. Business card of Eugene O. Mayfield, Free Lance Writer, Omaha, Nebraska

    1. Letter, Eugene Mayfield to Adjutant General’s Office, March 25, 1927 (2 copies)

    1. Letter, Adjutant General’s Office to Eugene Mayfield, March 30, 1927

    1. Letter, Luther North to Eugene Mayfield, April 7, 1927

    1. Letter, Addison E. Sheldon to Eugene Mayfield, April 7, 1927

    1. Clipping, “Indian War Vet Pensions Raised,” Omaha Evening Bee, undated


Subject headings:

Elkhorn Volunteers, 4th Company

Mayfield, Eugene O., 1860-1943

Mayfield, George Washington, 1838-1922

Military service

Nebraska — Militia

North, Luther Hedden, 1846-1935

Sheldon, Addison Erwin, 1861-1943


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