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RG2927.AM:  Eugene F. Ware, 1841-1911

Papers (on microfilm): 1859-1866

Nebraska Territory: U.S. Cavalry; 7th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry

Size: One reel of microfilm


Born May 29, 1841, at Hartford, Connecticut, Eugene F. Ware served in various military campaigns.  He mustered out of the Army in 1859 as a quartermaster sergeant.  In 1861 he re-enlisted at the same rank and job with the Seventh Iowa Volunteer Cavalry and in 1863 was commissioned a Second Lieutenant.  In his period of service, which ended in 1866, he fought in the Civil War, fought Kansas guerilla raiders, and was familiar with many high-ranking officers.  He had served as aide de-camp to General Grenville Dodge and was one of General Sherman’s corps commanders.  He authored several books, including one on his Civil War experiences entitled, The Indian War of 1864.

Ware was admitted to the bar in Kansas in 1871.  He served two terms on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Ware also served two terms in the Kansas legislature from 1879 to 1883.  President Theodore Roosevelt appointed him as Commissioner of Pensions in 1907.  Ware retired to his farm in 1911.  Ware was also a well-known poet, using the pseudonym “Ironquill.”  Eugene F. Ware died on July 1, 1911.  He is buried in Fort Scott National Cemetery at Fort Scott, Kansas.


This material consists of a number of letters, orders, muster rolls, and inventories arranged chronologically on one reel of microfilm.  The material relates to the duties of Lt. Ware in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Dakota, and Colorado Territories during the 1860’s and contains a great deal of information about military life.  This microfilm was purchased from the Kansas State Historical Society.

Note:  See the library collection for various publications by Eugene F. Ware.


Reel 1

Mustering-out orders for Sgt. Ware, 1859

Re-enlistment, 1861

Muster-rolls of the 7th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, 1862-1866

Correspondence, inventories, orders, 1863-1866

Commission to grade of 2nd Lieutenant, 1863

Request for additional troops to defend against guerilla raids on Leavenworth, Kansas, 1864

Muster roll of 1st Cavalry Regiment of Nebraska Veteran Volunteers, 1865


Subject headings:

Indians of North America — Wars — 1862-1865

Military life

United States — History — Civil War, 1861-1865

Ware, Eugene F., 1841-1911


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