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RG1305.AM:  Esther Ruth Scott, 1895-?

Papers:  ca. 1870-1953

Valparaiso, Saunders County, Nebraska:  Educator

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


Esther Ruth Scott was born to John and Lucinda Scott in Valparaiso, Saunders County, Nebraska in 1895. After graduating from Lincoln High School and the University of Nebraska, Esther Scott became a teacher in rural schools. For several years she alternated teaching and going back to school until she received an MS in Business Education from Teacherís College of Columbia University. Until her retirement in 1960, Miss Scott taught in both high schools and colleges from Berkeley, California to Hobart, Indiana. Although she retired from teaching in American schools in 1960, from 1961 to 1963 Esther Scott taught in a private secondary school in Nigeria. Upon her return to the U.S., she helped Nigerian students come to America to continue their education. She then left for Okinawa, Japan, where she taught for about a year. She then retired to Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material arranged in seven series: (1) Correspondence; (2) School Papers; (3) School Records and Certificates; (4) Legal Documents; (5) Programs; (6) Photographs; and (7) Miscellany.

This collection relates primarily to the school records and teaching careers of Esther R. Scott and her sister, Lillie M. Reeder. Series 1 consists of Correspondence, 1886-1911 and 1943-1953 received by Esther R. Scott and Lillie M. Reeder. Esther R. Scott received letters from former students who were serving in the U.S. military, 1943-1953. Correspondence received by Lillie M. Reeder, 1886-1911 includes letters from friends, letters of recommendation for her, and a series of letters written by a friend who was serving in the U.S. Army in Manila during the Spanish-American War.

The school papers of Series 2 consist of compositions and lesson plans written by Esther Scott or Lillie M. Reeder. Series 3 is comprised of school records and certificates awarded to Esther Scott or Lillie M. Reeder. These include report cards and teacher’s certifications. Some graduation diplomas can be found in oversize. The legal documents of Series 4 consist primarily of warranty deeds and guardianship records, ca. 1870-1900.

Series 5 contains programs for commencements, musical and theatrical shows, and various teachers meetings. The photographs in Series 6 were taken of friends of Esther Scott or Lillie M. Reeder. Most of the people are identified. Note: The photographs have been transferred to the photo component of the collection [RG1305.PH]. The miscellany of Series 7 includes an 1891 diary, probably kept by Lillie M. Reeder; a University of Nebraska Studentís Handbook, 1922-1923; several ledgers; and a marriage certificate for John Scott and Lucinda Lucas, parents of Esther Scott and Lillie M. Reeder.


Series 1 – Correspondence

Box 1


  1. Letters received by Esther R. Scott, 1943-1953, from former students

  2. Letters received by Lillie M. Reeder, 1886-1897, from friends

  3. Letters received by Lillie M. Reeder, 1898-1911, from friends, as letters of recommendation and about Spanish-American War

Series 2 – School Papers

  1. Compositions and Lesson plans written by Esther R. Scott

  2. Composition book owned by Lillie M. Reeder

Series 3 – School Records and Certificates

  1. Esther R. Scott

  2. Lillie M. Reeder

  3. Diplomas (see OB001)

Series 4 – Legal Documents

  1. Warranty deeds, guardianship papers, ca. 1870-1900

Series 5 – Programs

  1. Commencements, shows, teacher’s meetings

Series 6 – Photographs

Friends of Esther R. Scott and Lillie M. Reeder. (most identified) – Transferred to photo component [RG1305.PH]

Series 7 – Miscellany

  1. Diary, 1891, probably kept by Lillie M. Reeder; University of Nebraska Student’s Handbook, 1922-1923; Ledgers

  2. Marriage certificate of John Scott and Lucinda Lucas, parents of Esther R. Scott and Lillie M. Reeder (see OB001)


Subject headings:


Educators — Nebraska

Reeder, Lillie M.

Scott, Esther Ruth, 1895-?

Spanish-American War, 1898


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