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RG1919.AM:  Elaine Sherrill

Research materials:  1980s

Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Researcher

Size:  2.5 cu.ft.; 4 boxes


Elaine Sherrill gathered information on George A. Joslyn in the mid 1980s. The research she did includes the history and origins of the Joslyn family. Materials on George A. Joslyn’s and other family members financial interests have been collected. Sherrill also stressed the Victorian era when George A. and his wife Sarah H. Joslyn lived and contributed to the Omaha community. The architecture and artistic features of the Joslyn homes and museum structure have been photographed and their origins have been traced. Sherrill had intended her research be used for an exhibit at the Durham Western Heritage Museum in Omaha. However, the exhibit she had envisioned was never developed.


The majority of material in this collection was compiled during the mid 1980s. Most of the original correspondence in the collection dates from this period. Copies of earlier materials are also included. The collection is sorted into three series:

Series 1, correspondence, relates primarily to Sherrill’s research requests. The correspondence between Sherrill and numerous individuals and organizations contains information about the Joslyn family, their business dealings, and the Joslyn Art Museum and various Joslyn family homes and memorials.

Series 2, family, includes genealogical and biographical materials relating to George and Sarah Joslyn and the Joslyn family. It also includes materials on the various places the Joslyn family lived, and information regarding business dealings and legal matters. Of particular interest are materials relating to George Joslyn’s work with the Western Newspaper Union and information regarding Sarah Joslyn’s will and estate.

Series 3, architecture and museum exhibits, contains information about Joslyn Art Museum exhibits and architecture, as well as architecture of the Joslyn Mansion and other Joslyn family properties. Also included is information about horticulture and garden design, iron works, and other architectural details that influenced the design of the Joslyn family properties.

Note: See the photo component [RG1919.PH] for additional photographs.


Series 1 – Correspondence

Box 1


  1. Research Correspondence and Related Materials

  2. Research Correspondence and Related Materials

Series 2 – Family

Subseries 1: Genealogy and Relations


  1. Joslyn Pedigree; Article; Coat of Arms

  2. Articles: The Jocelyn-Joslyn-Josselyn Family; The Joscelyn-Joslin Family

  3. Domestic Help: Isaac M. Roman

  4. Joslyn Family History

  5. Joslyn Family History

  6. George A. Joslyn and Sarah Hannah Joslyn Information

  7. Horses; Photographs of George A. and Sarah H. Joslyn

  8. Joslin Relations

  9. Joslyn and Magowan Relations

Subseries 2: Places


  1. Saratoga Springs, NY (1904; undated); South Omaha Architecture

  2. Vermont History; Waitsfield, VT

  3. Omaha, Neb. Past

Subseries 3: Business and Finance

Box 2


  1. Assorted Legal Documents

  2. Western Newspaper Union

  3. Western Newspaper Union

  4. Financial Information: Assorted Businesses

  5. Sarah H. Joslyn: Materials Related to Will and Estate

  6. Hammermill Paper Co.; Iowa Printing Co.; Legalities; John McDonald, architect (see oversize for architectural drawings)

Box 3


  1. Joslyn Charities and Memorials

  2. Joslyn Charities and Memorials

Series 3 – Architecture and Museum Exhibits


  1. Joslyn Museum

  2. Joslyn Museum; Victorian Age; Architecture and Interior Design

  3. Joslyn Family Homes

  4. Photographs: Cemeteries and Family Homes

  5. Joslyn Mansion (Lynhurst 3902 Davenport); Photos

Box 4


  1. Joslyn Mansion Photographs and the Palm House

  2. Joslyn Castle and Omaha Public Schools

  3. Horticulture; Light fixtures; Organ; Ironworks

  4. Ironworks and Architecture

  5. Miscellaneous Photographs



Douglas County (Neb.) — History

Historic buildings — Nebraska — Omaha

Joslyn Art Museum (Omaha, Neb.)

Joslyn Castle (Omaha, Neb.)

Joslyn family

Joslyn, George A., 1848-1916

Joslyn, Sarah H., 1851-1940

Omaha (Neb.) — History


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