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Approved by Board of Trustees October 16, 2020

Providing access to collections is one of History Nebraska’s goals. On-site access to library and archival material is free of charge but may require advance notice of which records, manuscripts, photos or library titles need to be pulled.  History Nebraska may also provide duplicates of photographs, unpublished and published materials, and copies of moving images and sound recordings not already available online, images of artifacts from the Objects and Archeology Collections not already available online, as well as higher resolution/uncompressed copies of those that are. The following fees apply; Nebraska sales tax and use fees may also apply.

Scan/page or image up to 11”x17”, made available @ 300 dpi, 100% of original

<20 scans per onsite visit or 24 hour period: Free

≥20 scans : $.25/each

Scan/page or image greater than 11”x17” (e.g. maps, architectural drawings, posters, etc.), made available @ 300 dpi, 100% of original


Digital image @ 600 dpi, 100% of original


Digital image @ >600 dpi, 100% of original

$15.00 plus $5.00/each additional 50 dpi requested beyond 600 dpi

Paper copies up to 11”x17”, self-serve or staff copied, includes prints from microfilm reader/scanners


Content captured from microfilm scanner/printers or personal duplication device, self-serve


Moving Image

Compressed copy: $5.00/each

Uncompressed copy: $15.00/each

Sound Recording 

Compressed copy: $5.00

Uncompressed copy: $15.00

Image of artifacts from Objects or Archeology Collections, delivered as a high-resolution TIFF


Discovery and duplication of requested materials in excess of 4 hours of staff time per patron per year shall be charged by each additional hour required at $30/hour


Interlibrary Loan of microfilm reels to libraries only, maximum of 4 reels for 6 weeks

$4.00/reel (includes shipping)

 Shipping & Handling: unless otherwise arranged by the customer, History Nebraska will ship products via First Class USPS mail at the actual cost of shipping plus shipping materials.  Contact History Nebraska staff at for a price quote.

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