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RG1370.AM:  Donald Floyd Danker, 1922-2005

Papers:  Mostly 1960s

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska; Topeka, Kansas:  Archivist; historian; educator

Size:  5.0 cu.ft.; 6 boxes


A native of Riverton, Nebraska, Donald F. Danker received his Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska in 1955. From 1952 to 1963 he was the archivist at the Nebraska State Historical Society. After one year on the faculty at Washburn University in Topeka, Danker returned to Lincoln as Society historian from 1964 to 1967, when he rejoined the Washburn history department. He retired in 1988.

Danker authored or edited numerous articles for the Society’s quarterly, Nebraska History, including several based on the Indian interviews of Eli S. Ricker. He also edited the recollections of Pawnee Scouts leader Luther North, entitled Man of the Plains, and Mollie: The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford, both published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Donald F. Danker died on February 14, 2005 in Topeka, Kansas.

Note:  See the photo component [RG1370.PH] for related images. See the Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for published materials by Donald Danker.


Box 1


  1. P.T.A. address, Emerson, Neb., Mar. 23, 1953. 10p.

Note:  Folders 2-14 are term papers written for Nebraska history off-campus course taught at Walthill, Nebraska, Sept.-Nov., 1960. Assignment: “Write the history of your family in Nebraska.”

  1. Georgia Anderson, “Time Marches On.” Information on the Fletcher family. Information on Grand Island Horse and Mule Market and Willow Lake Ranch in Brown County.

  2. Margaret M. Casey Anderson, “My Autobiography.” This paper concerns the Tighe and Casey families–Irish immigrants.

  3. Helen Bonneau, “My Autobiography.” This paper concerns the Nelsen and Bonneau families.

  4. Marcella Dougherty, “My Fabulous Family.” Concerns the Irish immigrant family of Michael Dougherty.

  5. Lois Goodsell, “Why My Family Came to Nebraska.” The paper deals with the Harvey and Watkins families.

  6. Olive B. Garwood, “Nebraska Pioneering Experiences of the Crowell Family.”

  7. Helen Marr, “My Autobiography.” Good for recollections of town of Wathill. Information on the Brewster family.

  8. Marguerete Orr, “Nebraska History.” This paper deals with the history of Michael Casey and John Tighe descendants. Life of Irish-Catholic pioneers.

  9. Lily Huntemann Peterson, “The Huntemann’s in Nebraska.”

  10. Elsie Rogers, “From Sweden to Nebraska–The Story of the Larson-Hendrickson Family.”

  11. Teresa Sauser, “History of Nebraska.” The paper deals with the Walden and Huff families. Contains some recollections of Winnebago reservation.

  12. Gladys Tompkins, “The Dexter Ross Family in Nebraska.” This paper contains information on the Winnebago Indians.

  13. Audrey Jones Zurcher, “The Biography of My Family History.” The papers deals with the Jones family, English immigrants.

OS volume #1: Keith Sailors and Leona (Sailors) Chambers, “History of Sailors–Keyser Family.” This papers also contains information on the Barada family. Photographs and documents are included.

Box 1 (cont.)

Note:  Folders 15-37, no. 19 left out in numbering, are term papers written for Nebraska history off-campus course taught at Albion, Neb., Feb.-May 1961. Assignment: “Write the history of your family in Nebraska.” Evaluations by DFD.

  1. Mrs. Dolores Bentjen, Loretto, “Family History.” (Getzfrid family. German-Russian. fair.)

  2. Miss Judy Blecher, Newman Grove, “My Ancestors.” (Blecher family. fair.)

  3. Mrs. Margie Blecher, Albion, “My Family in Nebraska.” (Goin family. good on 1920s and 1930s. Hard times.)

  4. Celia M. Coffey, Albion, “Reminiscences.” (Mullin family. Irish in Nebraska. Good on immigrant experience. good paper.)

  5. does not exist

  6. Rose Marie Eidam, “History of Maternal Ancestors of Rose Marie Eidam.” (Emanuel and Ries family. Germans in Nebraska. good.)

  7. Cecelia Spalding Fox, “Reminiscences of Pioneer Days.” (Recollections of early days in Wheeler County, by Anton Kaiser. fair.)

  8. J. Paul Fritton, Albion, “History of Fritton family in Nebraska.” (Fritton and Fox families. Irish in Nebraska. Bayer family. good)

  9. Gertie Saarem Gartner, Albion, “The Family Tree of Stories of my Grandfather Peter Olson Skillestad and Other Pioneers Associated with Him.” (Skillestad family. Norwegians in Nebraska. good pictures.)

  10. Blanche Tisthammer Hanson, Albion, “History of My Ancestors.” (“Tisthammer family. Norwegians in Nebraska. pictures. good job.)

  11. Leona D. Keeshan, Albion, “My Norwegian Pioneer Ancestors.” (Norwegians in Neb. Johnson family. good.)

  12. Margaret Lane, Albion, “Sod House to T.V.” (Nore family. Norwegians, anecdotal. good description.)

  13. Bernice McCone, Albion, “The Migration toward Nebraska of the Ancestors of Marian, Kenneth and Doris Kathleen McCone, as Told by their Mother Mrs. Elvin E. McCone.” (The Merson, Carder, Dendall and McCone families. Strong on genealogy. fair.)

  14. Anna Mahoney, Spalding, “History of Nebraska.” (Gibbons and Murphy families. Irish in Neb. fair. no sources given. O’Connor, Neb.)

  15. Velma Matchett, Albion, “Family History.” (Mathiesen, Hansen, Ray, Nelson families. Danes in Neb. fair.)

  16. Hellen R. Mullin, Albion, “History of My People and Their Settlement in Nebraska.” (Lee and Hannigan families. Irish. Pictures. Copies of letters and family records. Good on documentation. Fair on information.)

  17. Ardyce Noonan, Wolbach, “Family History.” (Mathiesen, Hansen, Ray, Nelson families. Danes in Neb. fair.)

  18. Neva M. Robinson, Albion, “A Half Century of Nebraska Memories.” (Atteberry family? well written. Memoirs of 1920s and 1930s. Doesn’t include father’s name. fair.)

  19. Kathryn Saarem, Albion, “The Story of Johanna Saarem, Boone County Pioneer Mother and her Descendants.” (Norwegians in Nebraska. very good paper.)

  20. Steensness, Stacia, St. Edward, “The Story of Two Early Pioneer Families–Stone and Rood Families.” (Swedes in Neb. fair.)

  21. Myrtle Strand, Albion, “History of Andres Strand and His Family.” (Norwegians in Nebraska. fair.)

  22. Agnes Stromp, Spalding, Neb. De Porters and Ballweg families. Belgians in Nebraska. Father De Vos and Catholic colonization. good.

  23. Maryann, Thompson, Genoa, “Looking into the Past.” (Gove, Wheeler, Rolofson, Thompson families. fair.)

Box 2


  1. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  2. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  3. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  4. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  5. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  6. Speeches, outlines, etc.

  7. Book reviews

Box 3


  1. The Family of Marie Miller Scollin

  2. Engelbrecht, Lorraine, History of Nebraska

  3. Reichenberg, Lorna, History of My Ancestors

  4. Hartman, Barbara, History of Harry Haythorn Sr. and Family

  5. Evert, Erma, Why my Ancestors chose Nebraska For their Home.

  6. Spitz, Wilma, Jay Benge and his family of Nebraska

  7. Eggert, Mary A., The Story of my father Wallace James Eggert

  8. Hegwood, Grace Stevens, History of my family

  9. Wujek, Laverna, History of my family in Nebraska

  10. Porter, Lynnie Jane, Early life history of my family.

  11. Fenwick, Mary E., My Favorite Pioneer.

  12. McMillan, Frances Jean Vasa, My Family

  13. Vance, Zelma Linch, The Family History of Linch–Foreman–Hurbut

  14. Jeffrey, Helen, My Family History.

  15. Applebee, Earl M., Mads Anderson

  16. Johnson, Stanley, The History of the Family of John Shields Stanley from Pioneer days to 1962

  17. Bassett, Roy A. History of Bassett Family

  18. Ryhd, Mearle, The History of Our Family in Nebraska, McCanles-Hughes Family, Hughes-Compton Family.

  19. Giger, Ruth, My Family in Nebraska

  20. Ryhd, Mearle, The History of our Family in Nebraska, Clampitt-Shoebotham Family

Box 4


  1. Smith, Oliver, History of Nebraska

  2. Newton, Thelma J. The History of My Family in Nebraska

  3. Hunter, Jeannience, Merrill-Hunter-Bradley, Family Background and history

  4. Gebhards, Helen J., The History of my family in Nebraska

  5. Stevens, Tillie, History of my family in Nebraska

  6. Darinch, Betty, The Beginning of the Miller Family

  7. Wegener, Verene, Family History

  8. Taylor, Bruce B. Nebraska History and the Taylor Family.

  9. Rivers, Ramona, American Generations, 1838-1962, Kettle, Fritch, Livers Families

  10. Kucera, Drusilla, Our family in Nebraska, Drusilla Dorland Kucera, Robert Homer Kucera.

  11. The Story of the Henry Schlueter Family.

  12. Mumm, Harvey, Mrs., The Family History of Harvey Mumm, 1872-1962

  13. Gaines, Floss Chambers, Why I am a Nebraskan and Proud of it. Chambers, Hiatt, Gaines

  14. Basel, Elin Ruby Adele Thulin, From Sweden to Nebraska–a long Journey.

  15. Marcy (Ballou) Catherine, A Story of the Ballou Family and the Heldt Family in Saunders County, Nebraska

  16. Hageman, The Nelson Family

  17. Hradsky, Carolyn, Anton Havelka, My pioneer father and his family.

  18. Farmer, Vivian Gilmore, My Family’s History

  19. Schneider, Midred, The story of Ernst Friedrich Schmidt.

  20. Dill, Deva Graves, The Life History of my Parents, Fed and Mea Graves

Box 5


  1. Stock, Helen R., The family history of Roy William Stock

  2. Stickney, Elsie B. Hass-Stickney Family History.

  3. Miller, Laura, The story of John and Mary Miller and their family

  4. Parks, Virginia M., The family history of Virginia Vance Parks.

  5. Heldt, Lois, The family of Jurgen Heldt

  6. Pohlman, Sonya, John H. Pohlman, Nebraska Pioneer

  7. Nelson, Richardson, History of my father’s life

  8. Miller, Mary, Cass County settlers who were ancestors of Marvin, Carol Ann, and Debra Kay Miller

  9. Peterson, Isaac Inez, History of Isaac Family

  10. Carey, Verona, The Western Trek of the Carey and Valliers families.

  11. Meisinger, History of my family, then and now

  12. Stange, Jean (Lee), History of the Lee Family

  13. Snyder, Verla Ruth, The History of My Family (1962).

  14. Correspondence, 1967.

  15. Hayward, James

  16. Holbrook, Charles

  17. Frederick Ernst Lange, Sr. (Golden Springs farm, Burt County)

Box 6 (unprocessed) added 08-14-2009

Misc. materials relating to Danker’s research on Wounded Knee and Eli Ricker. Also included are materials relating to Danker’s teaching at Washburn University in Topeka, KS.


Subject headings:

Belgians in Nebraska

Catholics in Nebraska

Danes in Nebraska

Danker, Donald Floyd, 1922-2005

English in Nebraska


Germans in Nebraska

Irish in Nebraska

Nebraska — History

Norwegians in Nebraska

Russian-Germans in Nebraska

Scandinavians in Nebraska

Swedes in Nebraska

Walthill (Nebraska) — History

Wheeler County (Nebraska) — History

Winnebago Indians

Applebee family

Ballou family

Ballweg family

Barada family

Bassett family

Benge family

Blecher family

Bradley family

Brewster family

Carder family

Carey family

Casey family

Chambers family

Clampitt family

Collin family

Compton family

Crowell family

Dill family

Eggert family

Emanuel family

Farmer family

Fenwich family

Fletcher family

Foreman family

Fox family

Fritch family

Gaines family

Gebhards family

Getzfrid family

Gibbons family

Giger family

Goin family

Gove family

Graves family

Hanigan family

Hanson family

Harvey family

Hass family

Havelka family

Haythorn family

Hegwood family

Heldt family

Hendrickson family

Hiatt family

Huff family

Hughes family

Huntemann family

Hunter family

Hurbut family

Isaac family

Jeffrey family

Johnson family

Jones family

Kendall family

Kettle family

Keyser family

Kucera family

Larson family

Lee family

Linch family

Livers family

McCone family

McMillan family

Meisinger family

Merrill family

Mershon family

Miller family

Mullin family

Mumm family

Nelson family

Newton family

Nore family

Parks family

Porter family

Ries family

Rood family

Ross family

Saarem family

Sailors family

Schlueter family

Schmidt family

Shields family

Shoebotham family

Skillestad family

Stevens family

Stickney family

Stock family

Stone family

Taylor family

Tighe family

Tisthammer family

Valliers family

Walden family

Watkins family

Wegner family

Wujek family


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