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RG5857.AM:  Doane Powell

Papers, etc.: 1930s-1970s

New York: Artist; mask maker

Size:  0.5 cu.ft. of papers; 1.0 cu.ft. of photographs

What will I find in this collection?

RG5857.AM:  The manuscript component consists of 0.5 cubic feet of materials relating to mask maker Doane Powell. Included in the collection are several letters written by Doane Powell to Kari Hunt, circa 1950-1951; newspaper and journal articles about Doane Powell and his masks; a scrapbook (1930s) containing mostly magazine and newspaper clippings regarding Doane Powell and his masks and several original photographs, telegrams and letters; and a scrapbook compiled by Kari Hunt containing newspaper clippings, event programs, letters, photos, etc. relating to Doane Powell’s and Kari Hunt’s mask making, ca. 1950s-1970s.

RG5857.PH: The photograph component consists of 1.0 cubic feet of photographic materials relating to mask maker Doane Powell and the masks he created. The collection includes images of actors posing in masks, statuettes created by Powell, Powell working on masks, etc., 1940s-1951.  Also included are images relating to Kari Hunt with Powell’s masks, as well as the masks she created, 1950s-1960s.

How do I find more detailed information about this collection?

This cover sheet is the only finding aid available for the collection.

Ask the reference staff for assistance with photographs.

What restrictions govern the use of this collection?

Researchers must use gloves when handling photographs.

Related materials at the Nebraska State Historical Society:

The Museum Collections department at the Nebraska History Museum holds various masks created by Doane Powell featuring actors/actresses, politicians, caricatures, and animals.  They also hold several portrait masks made by Kari Hunt, circa 1955; Marcel Marceau, Toby Jug, British Bulldog, and Alfred Hitchcock.  Interested researchers should contact the Museum Collections department to set up an appointment to view items from the Museum Collections.

See the Nebraska History Library for one book on mask making by Doane Powell (1948) and one book by Kari Hunt (1961).


TMM        02-20-2014