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RG4186.AM:  David E. Hutchinson, 1908-1995

Papers:  1937-1983

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska:  Soil and water conservationist

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


Born January 8, 1908 in Lincoln, Nebraska, David Erwin Hutchinson spent his career as a soil and water conservationist.  He worked in Lincoln for the USDA Soil Conservation Service from 1935 to 1970.  He spent much of his career studying and restoring prairie land.  He encouraged the use of native grasses and wildflowers in gardens and parks throughout Nebraska and helped to develop the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum.

Hutchinson served as chairman of the Friends of Maxwell Arboretum and was a member and eventually chairman of the Soil Conservation Society of America (SCSA).  He was also involved in the Salt-Wahoo Watershed Association, the Lincoln Garden Club and the Society of Range Management.  David E. Hutchinson died on August 10, 1995.  He is buried in Lincoln Memorial Park next to his first and second wives, Birdie (Erskine) Hutchinson and Frances (Runty) Hutchinson.


The collection consists of one box of papers relating to the conservation career of D.E. Hutchinson.  Included are papers and articles written by Hutchinson, materials documenting his involvement in the Soil Conservation Society of America, the Salt-Wahoo Watershed Association and the Friends of Maxwell Arboretum.  The materials in the collection date from ca. 1937 to 1983.


Box 1


  1. Articles and papers written by D.E. Hutchinson, 1937-1976

  2. Soil Conservation Society of America, ca. 1964-1979

  3. Salt-Wahoo Watershed Association documents, 1950-1955

  4. Salt-Wahoo Watershed newspaper clippings, ca. 1945-1951

  5. Friends of Maxwell Arboretum, ca. 1940-1982

  6. Miscellaneous conservation-related items, 1938-1983


Subject headings:

Friends of Maxwell Arboretum

Hutchinson, David Erwin, 1908-1995

Land use — Nebraska

Salt-Wahoo Watershed Association (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Soil Conservation Society of America

Soil conservation — Nebraska

Water conservation — Nebraska


TMM      12-17-2018