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RG3698.AM:  David Benjamin Marti, 1877-1970

Papers:  1901-1968

Bellwood, Butler County, Hastings, Adams County, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Educator; real estate and insurance agent

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


David Benjamin Marti was born in Illinois in 1877. While an infant, his family moved to Bellwood, Butler County, Nebraska. They later resettled in Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska, where Marti married Hettie Josephine Brown in 1899. Marti taught in a country school for a short time and then served as Superintendent of Schools in Holstein, Nebraska, 1899-1900. During 1900-1901 he attended Hastings College, while teaching commercial subjects in Hastings Academy.

Growing tired of teaching, Marti began in the real estate business, selling land in western Nebraska and Kansas. In 1907 Marti moved his wife and two sons, Lloyd and Paul, to Omaha, where for the next few years he managed wholesale firms. The Martis returned to Hastings, where David Marti re-entered the real estate field. In 1924, Marti moved to Lincoln, where for the next 22 years, he served on the faculty of the Lincoln School of Commerce, teaching courses in Business English, letter writing, accounting, and commercial law. In 1946 Marti returned to the real estate and insurance field, staying in business until his retirement in 1967. Marti had been prominent in civic affairs, serving on the Lincoln City Planning Board, 1948-1956. He died in 1970 at the age of 92.


This collection consists of one box of manuscript material arranged in six series: 1) Biographical Material; 2) Correspondence, 1901-1956; 3) Textbook Publications, 1939-1952; 4) Speeches, 1916-1942; 5) Newspaper Clippings; and 6) Miscellany. This material relates primarily to the teaching career of David B. Marti and the family history of the Marti family.

Series 1 contains biographical material about David B. Marti. A two-volume autobiography by Marti discusses his family history, early days in Bellwood, Nebraska, his teaching career and various business ventures, and important events in his life. A Golden Wedding Anniversary Booklet, 1949, for Hettie and David Marti, also provides biographical information. The correspondence of Series 2, 1901-1956, contains letters dealing with Marti family history and letters of appreciation written to David B. Marti for his service on the Lincoln Planning Commission.

Series 3 consists of textbook publications, 1939-1952, written by David B. Marti. These instructional booklets are guides for proper English language and punctuation usage and preparation guidelines for filling out income tax forms. The speeches, 1916-1942, of Series 4, are on a variety of subjects, including one entitled, “Factors Governing Real Estate Values,” 1916. Also included are speeches on capital punishment and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Series 5 contains newspaper clippings consisting of articles and obituaries about members of Marti family and articles about David B. Marti’s involvement in civic affairs. The miscellany of Series 6 includes a catalogue for the Lincoln School of Commerce (with Marti shown), certificates, and a diary of a tour to Europe, 1950.

Note:  See the photo component [RG3698.PH] for photographs of family get-togethers and Marti residences. See Nebraska History vol. 69 (1988), pp. 66-67 for references to David Marti. See also the NSHS Library Catalog for copies of David Marti’s two-volume autobiography, Three score years and ten [921 M378 and 921 M378t].


Series 1 – Biographical Material

Box 1


  1. Autobiography of David B. Marti through 1952

  2. Autobiography of David B. Marti, 1953-1968

  3. Golden Wedding Anniversary Booklet for Hettie and David B. Marti, 1949; including biographical information

Series 2 – Correspondence, 1901-1956

  1. Correspondence, 1901-1956

Series 3 – Texbook Publications by David B. Marti, 1939-1952

  1. Plain Points on Punctuation, 1939

  2. English in Use, 1942

  3. The Letters We Write, 1942

  4. Income Tax and Social Security Course, 1948

  5. Income Tax and Social Security Course Workbook, 1952

  6. Income Tax and Social Security Course Workbook Key, 1952

  7. Income Tax and Social Security Course Supplement of Problems and Forms, 1952

  8. Income Tax and Social Security Course Key to the Supplement Problems and Forms, 1952

Series 4 – Speeches, 1916-1942, n.d.

  1. Includes speech entitled “Factors Governing Real Estate Values,” 1916; speeches on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and other topics

Series 5 – Newspaper Clippings

  1. Includes obituaries and articles about members of the Marti family and articles about David B. Marti’s involvement in civic affairs

Series 6 – Miscellany

  1. Includes catalogue for Lincoln School of Commerce (D.B. Marti shown); certificates; and Marti’s diary during tour of Europe, 1950



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Marti, David Benjamin, 1877-1970

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