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RG3949.AM:  Congregational Church (Grafton, Neb.)

Records:  1878-1973

Grafton, Fillmore County, Neb.:  Congregational Church

Size:  8 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


Congregational church services began in Grafton, Fillmore County, Nebraska, in the 1870s. Records show that in 1877 services were led by pastors Warren Cochran of Fremont and the Rev. G.S. Harrison of York. On February 21, 1878, an organizational meeting of the Congregational Church of Grafton was held, with 55 people present. Church officers were appointed and a building committee was formed, although plans to build a church were temporarily abandoned.

Membership to the Congregational Church was open to anyone residing in Grafton who gave “credible evidence of piety and who assented to the Church’s confession of Faith and Covenant.” The Confession of Faith defined the Church’s purposes as providing for “The observance of gospel sacraments and ordinances, and for mutual edification and encouragement on the Christian life, and for the advancement of the Redeemer’s Kingdom…”

Land was donated in 1882 and one year later the church edifice was completed. Up until this time, church services were held in the Methodist Church or in a nearby hall. This building was moved in 1904 to the southern end of Grafton, where it is still used today.


This collection consists of eight volumes of manuscript material arranged in three series: 1) Church Record Books, 1878-1973; 2) Financial Records, 1940-1969; and 3) Miscellany. This collection relates exclusively to the history of the Congregational Church of Grafton, Nebraska.

Series 1 is comprised of Church Record Books, 1878-1973, of the Congregational Church of Graton, Nebraska. Information provided includes church minutes, membership lists, dismissed member lists, listings of officers, and recordings of ministers serving the church, baptisms, infant baptism, and deaths. Also included is the Church Confession and Covenant, Constitution, and By-Laws, as well as records of benevolent contributions, ministerial labor by Congregational pastors, minutes of the Blue Valley Association meetings, annual reports, and lists of retired members.

The Financial Records of Series 2 record expenditures and receipts for the years 1940-1969. Building fund records are included. The Miscellany of Series 3 includes receipts from the Grafton State Bank and Church Year Book Report applications. This collection was loaned for microfilming in April of 1979.


Series 1 – Church Record Books, 1878-1973

Reel 1


  1. 1878-1905, Includes original minutes and listings of members dismissed members, deacons, clerks, treasurers, trustees, ministers, baptisms, infant baptisms, deaths

    Church Confession and Covenant

    Constitution and By-Laws

    Benevolent contributions

    Ministerial labor performed by Congregational pastors

    Minutes of church meetings, 1878-1891

  2. 1882-1905, Minutes of church meetings, 1891-1905

    Blue Valley Association meeting minutes, annual reports, retired members listings

  3. 1878-1900, Transcribed from Original Record Books of Series 1

  4. 1900-1905, Transcribed from Original Books of Series 1

  5. Membership lists, synopsis for records found in old minute book, minutes, church officers, baptism

  6. 1934-1956, Ministers, members, dismissed members, minutes, officers, baptisms, annual reports

  7. 1956-1973, Officers, members, church attendance, baptisms, marriages, deaths, meetings

Series 2 – Financial Records, 1940-1969


  1. 1940-1969, Receipts, expenditures, building fund

Series 3 – Miscellany


  1. Includes receipts from Grafton State Bank and Church Year Book Report application



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