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RG4384.AM:  Christ Episcopal Church (Central City, Neb.)

Records:  1872-1946

Central City, Merrick County, Neb.:  Episcopal church

Size:  1 reel of microfilm


The parish of Christ Episcopal Church of Central City, Nebraska, originated from a visit to Lone Tree in Merrick County by the Rev. H.C. Shaw on December 18, 1872. Thereafter, he held regular services in the Lone Tree School House for St. Luke’s Mission. On August 10, 1873, a Sunday School was organized which met in the waiting room of the Union Pacific Depot.

In September of 1880 the mission received a donation of land and began to circulate a subscription to raise funds for a church building. Meanwhile, the parish of Christ Church in East Orange, New Jersey, donated a sum of money for a church to be built in Central City, Nebraska. St. Luke’s Mission merged with the parish in Central City, named Christ Church after its benefactor. The church building was consecrated by Bishop Robert H. Clarkson of Omaha on March 12, 1882.


This collection of the records of Christ Episcopal Church of Central City, Nebraska, consists of 1 reel of microfilm containing seven volumes arranged in two series: 1) Church Records, 1872-1946; and 2) Guild Records, 1888-1919.

The Church Records consist of registers of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Burials, and a list of families as well as a record of services held. In addition, the first volume contains a chronicle of events at St. Luke’s Mission; records of the Sunday School; and minutes of the vestry and congregation from March of 1882 to April of 1920. The Guild Records contain minutes and membership lists of the ladies’ guilds of St. Luke’s Mission and of Christ Church.

This collection was loaned for microfilming in January of 1976.


Series 1 – Church Records, 1872-1946

Reel 1


  1. Parish Record, 1872-1920, including:

    Chronicle of St. Luke’s Mission, Lone Tree, Nebraska, August 1872 – August 1881, pp. 6-29

    Minutes of Vestry and Congregation, March 1882 – October 1905, pp. 29-99; November 1905 – April 1912, pp. 112-149; April 1912 – April 1920, pp. 162-217

    List of Families, pp. 100-110

    Baptisms, 1874-1885, pp. 150-160

    Confirmations, 1874-1886, pp. 250-251

    Marriages, 1875-1876, pp. 260-261

    Burials, 1874-1886, pp. 274-176

    Members of Mission Sunday School, p. 310

    Inventory of Mission Library, p. 312

    Sunday School Expenses, June 30, 1883, p. 314

    Record of Books Given Out, p. 316

  2. Parish Register, 1885-1906

  3. Parish Register, 1906-1946

  4. Record of Services, 1908-1942

Series 2 – Guild Records, 1888-1919

  1. Minutes of St. Luke’s Guild, 1888-1898

  2. Minutes of Christ Church Guild, 1905-1912

  3. Minutes of Christ Church Guild, 1912-1919



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