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RG1030.AM:  Charles Morton Hubner, 1855-1935

Correspondence:  1892-1896

Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska:  Newspaper publisher

Size:  Fraction


Charles Morton Hubner, son of George Alfred and Ann (Morton) Hubner was born in Kentucky on August 24, 1855. After the death of his physician father in 1857, Ann Hubner took her son to Nebraska City, Nebraska. It was here that her brother, Thomas Morton, had founded the Nebraska City News in 1854.

Hubner was first associated with the Nebraska City News in the 1860s when he worked as a newspaper carrier. In 1887 Hubner became the newspaper’s publisher, a position he retained until the News consolidated with the Nebraska City Press in 1925. At that time he retired and relocated to California where he stayed until 1934, when he returned to Nebraska City. He died there on August 2, 1935. His wife Gertrude (Van Meter) Hubner, whom he had married in 1899, died in Nebraska City in 1921.


This collection consists of correspondence dating from 1892-1896. It includes a letter from William Jennings Bryan, June 6, 1892 in which Bryan discusses Hubner’s opposition to Bryan’s position on the silver issue. Also present is a letter of transmittal for religious material from J. Sterling Morton, March 8, 1895. (The material discussed by Morton is not included in the collection).



  1. Correspondence written to Charles M. Huber – includes letters from W. J. Bryan and J. Sterling Morton


Subject headings:

Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925

Democratic Party — History

Hubner, Charles Morton, 1855-1935

Morton, Julius Sterling, 1832-1902

Political parties — Platforms

Silver question


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