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RG1311.AM:  Charles Love “Bud” Mullins, Jr., 1892-1976

Letters, etc.:  1939, 1967, n.d.

Gretna, Sarpy County and Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska:  Brigadier General during World War II

Size:  One folder


Charles Love “Bud” Mullins, Jr. was born in Gretna, Nebraska on September 7, 1892. He graduated from Broken Bow High School in 1910. In 1917 Mullins graduated from West Point with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, and following graduation he was stationed at The Presidio and at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant later in 1917 and to Captain in 1919, Mullins became Professor of Military Science and Tactics at the University of Illinois. In 1933 he was promoted to Major.

Mullins was assigned to the United States military mission at Nicaragua in 1939 where he founded the Nicaragua Military Academy. He also served with the American legation in Costa Rica as chief of the military mission there. Appointed Lieutenant Colonel in 1940 and Colonel in 1941, he was decorated with the presidential medal of merit in Nicaragua in 1941.

On August 18, 1942, Mullins was promoted to Brigadier General. During World War II he served with the 11th Armored Division. Mullins retired from the military in 1953. Charles Mullins died on March 1, 1976 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery along side his wife, Jane Dooley Mullins.


The collection consists of three letters and a newspaper clipping. One letter from 1967, written by “Bud” Mullins to Gardner Richardson, discusses four generations of Mullins family members who have served in the military. Mullins also mentions that he is to be named honorary mayor of San Antonio. A second letter (also from 1967) to Gardner Richardson reminisces about Broken Bow and various classmates from high school. A third letter (undated) to Harry Richardson details various accomplishments throughout Mullins’ military career. It was apparently for use at a high school reunion or community celebration. Also included is a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from 1939 describing Mullins’ life while living in Nicaragua and assisting the Nicaraguan government with establishing their National Military Academy.


Letters from “Bud” Mullins to Gardner and Harry Richardson, 1967, n.d.

Newspaper clipping, 1939


Subject headings:

Broken Bow (Nebraska) — History

Mullins, Charles Love “Bud,” Jr., 1892-1976


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