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RG4192.AM:  Charles Elmore Van Neste, 1855-1913

Day Book:  1883-1902

Brewster, Blaine County, Nebraska:  Farmer and livestock dealer

Size:  1 volume


Charles E. Van Neste, son of Henry G. and Emily J. (Shottenkirk) Van Neste, was born in Rochelle, Illinois, on July 6, 1855.  On February 23, 1881, he was married to Sina M. Scott of Gilman, Illinois, where he was employed in a general merchandise store.  In March 1884, the Van Nestes moved to Nebraska, stopping first at Ord, then settling in November on a homestead in Edith Valley, Blaine County.  They lived there until around 1901 when they moved to a farm near Brewster.  Five years later they moved into the town of Brewster where Van Neste was employed first in the Riggs store and later in his own general merchandise business.  Charles Van Neste died at his home in Brewster on March 2, 1913.  He was survived by his wife and son, Paul.


This collection consists of one volume, a day book dating from 1885 to 1902.  This day book, kept by Charles E. Van Neste of Blaine County, Nebraska, provides a daily accounting of items bought and sold.  Although entries show items and/or services bought and sold, and the cost, most of the notations describe Van Neste’s daily activities in a one-line diary entry format.  Therefore, the entries are both financial and descriptive of farm work.  The first eighty pages of the day book apparently consist of bookkeeping exercises.



  1. Day Book, 1885-1902


Subject headings:

Agricultural laborers — Nebraska

Agriculture — Nebraska

Blaine County (Nebraska) — History

Brewster (Nebraska) — History

Van Neste, Charles Elmore, 1855-1913


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