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RG5410.AM:  C. Barron McIntosh, 1916-2007

Papers:  ca. 1884-2001

Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Professor of Geography; researcher

Size:  4.0 cu.ft.; 3 boxes + oversize


Born on September 5, 1916 in Edgemont, South Dakota, C. Barron McIntosh graduated from Edgemont High School in 1934. He received his bachelor of arts degree from Huron College (Huron, South Dakota) in 1938 and a bachelor of science degree in education from the University of Nebraska in 1939. Shortly after the start of World War II, McIntosh joined the U.S. Navy and served in the weather offices of several military bases. He married Ruby Lamb in 1941. They would have four sons.

Following the war, McIntosh returned to Nebraska where he taught in the McPherson County Schools. He eventually returned to the University of Nebraska and received his master of arts in 1952 and a Ph.D. in 1955. After completing his doctorate he taught at the University of Texas and Eastern Illinois University before returning to teach at the University of Nebraska. As a professor of geography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, McIntosh compiled a research collection pertaining to one of his fields of study: early black American communities, principally communities in northern Nebraska. As a geographer, he focused his research on the geographical movement of people and the affect geographical surroundings had on community movement and settlement. His publications include Black Community in Cherry County, Nebraska and Four Periods of Sand Hills Settlement [see drafts of these in Series 1]. He retired from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as Professor Emeritus in 1981.

C. Barron McIntosh died on May 3, 2007 and is buried in the Loup Valley Cemetery at Staplehurst, Nebraska.


This collection is comprised of materials assembled by C. Barron McIntosh, and is arranged in three series: 1) Research and Correspondence; 2) Plat Books and Maps; and 3) Miscellaneous Oversized Materials. Oversized materials are located in folders A-E.

Series 1, “Research and Correspondence,” consists of two subseries, 1) Research; and 2) Papers and Drafts by McIntosh. This includes research, newspaper clippings, and interviews about African American communities. Series 2, “Plat Books and Maps,” consists of three subseries: 1) Nebraska Plat Books; 2) Iowa Plat Books; and 3) Unidentified Maps. Most of the items date from ca. 1919. Series 3, “Miscellaneous Oversized Materials,” consists of two oversized folders. Maps within these folders were loose within the collection, and show either Nebraska, Arizona, or New Mexico.

Note:  See the photo component [RG5410.PH] for related images. See the Library Catalog and the Nebraska History index for published materials by C. Barron McIntosh.


Series 1 – Research and Correspondence, ca. 1884-2001

Subseries 1: Research, ca. 1884-1992

Box 1


  1. “Ada Speese Day Correspondence,” 1960, 1964, 1980-1981 [photos now filed in RG5410.PH, oversized now filed in folder C]

  2. “Ada Speese Day Correspondence,” n.d. [photo now filed in RG5410.PH]

  3. “University of Minnesota Correspondence,” 1981

  4. “Miscellaneous Correspondence,” 1980, 1982, 1987, n.d.

  5. “Interview Notes, Riles, Miles, and Walker,” 1972, n.d.

  6. “Cherry County Historical Society Notes,” n.d.

  7. “Cherry County (DeWitty, NE), Brownlee Settlement Maps,” 1884-1939, 1976, 1980, n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder A]

  8. “DeWitty Entry Lists, Brownlee Colony,” 1974, 1978, n.d.

  9. “DeWitty Church and Cemetery Research Notes,” 1959, n.d.

  10. “Newspaper Articles, Black Homesteaders,” 1907-1992, n.d.

  11. “Overton Blacks,” n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder A]

  12. “Notes for DeWitty Paper #1,” 1902, 1913, 1978, n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder A]

  13. “Notes for DeWitty Paper #2,” 1907, 1974, 1978, 1980-1981, n.d.

  14. “Notes for DeWitty Paper #3,” n.d.

  15. “Other African American Community Research,” 1941-1942, 1978-1979, n.d.

  16. “Afro-American Research Books,” 1978, 1990

  17. “Research Aids,” 1977, 1980-1981, n.d. [oversized now filed in folder C]

Subseries 2: Papers and Drafts by McIntosh, ca. 1981-2001

Box 1 (cont.)

  1. Black Community in Cherry County, Nebraska, Drafts and Presentation Notes, 1981, n.d.

  2. Four Periods of Sand Hills Settlement, Drafts, 1987, n.d.

  3. DeWitty Schools, Notes and Drafts, n.d.

  4. Book: Hypothesis for Sandhillian Glaciation 2, 2001

Series 2 – Plat Books and Maps, ca. 1919, n.d.

Subseries 1: Nebraska Plat Books

Box 2


  1. Plat Book, Antelope Co., n.d.

  2. Plat Book, Banner Co., n.d.

  3. Plat Book, Boone Co., n.d.

  4. Plat Book, Box Butte Co., n.d.

  5. Plat Book, Brown Co., n.d.

  6. Plat Book, Buffalo Co., n.d.

  7. Plat Book, Burt Co., n.d.

  8. Plat Book, Butler Co., n.d.

    Standard Atlas of Cherry County, NE, Black Colony File, 1919 [see oversize vol. 1]

  9. Plat Book, Cheyenne Co., n.d.

  10. Plat Book, Colfax Co., n.d.

  11. Plat Book, Dawes Co., n.d.

  12. Plat Book, Dawson Co., n.d.

  13. Plat Book, Deuel Co., n.d.

  14. Plat Book, Garden Co., n.d.

  15. Plat Book, Garfield Co., n.d.

  16. Plat Book, Hamilton Co., n.d.

  17. Plat Book, Hayes Co., n.d.

  18. Plat Book, Holt Co., n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder B]

  19. Plat Book, Keith Co., n.d.

  20. Plat Book, Kimball Co., 1919

  21. Plat Book, Loup Co., n.d.

  22. Plat Book, Merrick Co., n.d.

  23. Plat Book, Morrill Co., n.d.

  24. Plat Book, Polk Co., n.d.

  25. Plat Book, Rock Co., n.d.

  26. Plat Book, Sarpy Co., n.d.

  27. Plat Book, Saunders Co., n.d.

  28. Plat Book, Scotts Bluff Co., n.d.

  29. Plat Book, Sheridan Co., n.d.

  30. Plat Book, Sioux Co., n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder B]

    Sioux County, Nebraska Plat Book [see oversize vol. 2]

  31. Plat Book, Thurston Co., n.d.

  32. Plat Book, Valley Co., n.d.

  33. Plat Book, Wheeler Co., n.d.

  34. Plat Book, York Co., n.d.

Subseries 2: Iowa Plat Books

Box 2 (cont.)

  1. Plat Book, Cass Co., n.d.

  2. Plat Book, Mills Co., n.d.

  3. Plat Book, Montgomery Co., n.d.

  4. Plat Book, Pottawattamie Co., n.d.

Subseries 3: Unidentified Maps

Box 3


  1. Plat Maps, Unknown, n.d. [oversized items now filed in folder B]

Series 3 – Miscellaneous Oversized Materials, ca. 1892-1978


  1. Base Map, Cherry County, Taped Together (2 pgs)

    Plat Maps, Unknown Area Surrounding Loup River (2 pgs)

    Plat Maps, Possibly Brownlee, Light Photocopies (4 pgs)

    Simplified Plat Map, “Meehan Family Connections” (1 pg)

    Plat Map, Seneca 4 Quadrangle, 1949 (1 pg)

    Plat Map, Valentine County, Nebraska and South Dakota (1 pg)

    Map, New Mexico and Arizona (1 pg)

    Plat Maps, Kinkaid, 1892-1906, Paper and Tape (3 pgs)

    Plat Map, Unknown Area (3 pages taped together)

    Soil Maps, McCook Area, Nebraska, Dec. 1978 (2 pgs)

  2. Land Use Maps – Nebraska Sandhills (1895, 1905, 1915)

    General Hwy and Transportation Map, Cherry County, Southeast Quarter (1 pg)


Subject headings:

African Americans — Nebraska

Audacious (Neb.) — History

Cherry county (Neb.) — History

DeWitty (Neb.) — History

Geography — Nebraska

Land tenure — Sandhills (Neb.)

McIntosh, C. Barron, 1916-2007

Sandhills (Neb.) — History

Sandhills (Neb.) — Historical geography


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