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RG0817.AM:  Brownville, Ft. Kearney and Pacific Railroad Company

Records:  1867-1871

Size:  One folder


The collection contains a handwritten copy of the articles of incorporation for the Brownville, Ft. Kearney and Pacific Railroad Company, 1867. Included are two printed statements relating to the development of the railroad around 1867-1871 through Nemaha, Johnson, and Gage Counties, Nebraska. These provide information on the route and how construction will be paid. One booklet contains a foldout map of the railroad’s route.


Subject headings:

Atkinson, Henry Martin, 1838-1886

Bedford, T.W.

Blackburn, J.W.

Brownville, Ft. Kearney and Pacific Railroad Company

Carson, John Lind, 1832-1897

Church, Jarvis Servetus, 1830-1905

Cogswell, A.P.

Colhapp, John L.

Dorsey, Charles Griffith, 1838-1910

Furnas, Robert Wilkinson, 1824-1905

Hewett, Obadiah Brown

Hill, Theodore, 1833-1891

Hoadley, Luther, 1814-1881

Holladay, A.S.

Hoover, William Henry, 1833-1898

Lett, Henry C., 1834-1894

Lushbaugh, Benjamin Franklin, 1827-1870

McPherson, John

Railroad companies — Nebraska

Railroads — Nebraska

Railroads — Nebraska — Gage County

Railroads — Nebraska — Nemaha County

Railroads — Nebraska — Johnson County

Railroads — Nebraska — Brownville

Thomas, Edward Whittingham

Wheeler, Cyrus W., 1822-1899

Worthing, Evan, 1832-1876