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RG1055.AM:  Ancient Order of United Workmen (Kearney, Nebraska)

Records:  1883-1917

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska:   Fraternal organization

Size:  Three volumes


The Ancient Order of United Workman (A.O.U.W.) was organized to unite white males, regardless of nationality, political preference, or denomination into a Fraternal Brotherhood. The Order’s main objectives were to embrace and give equal consideration to all classes of labor and to improve the moral, intellectual, and social condition of its members. In its efforts to uplift its members, the organization held lectures, read essays, discussed new inventions, and encouraged research in intellectual pursuits. The Order also provided funds to aid its members during sickness or other disability, and, in case of death, to pay a stipulated sum to the beneficiary.

The Forman Lodge #12 of the Ancient Order of United Workmen was organized in Kearney, Nebraska on August 13, 1883 with twenty-five charter members. By 1915, the Forman Lodge claimed 350 members.


This collection consists of three volumes of manuscript material arranged in two series:

Series 1 – Beneficiary Certificates and Membership Registers, 1883-1917

Series 2 – Minutes, 1912-1913

This material relates to business conducted by the Forman Lodge #12 of the Ancient Order of United Workmen (A.O.U.W.), Kearney, Nebraska.

The Beneficiary Certificates and Membership Registers of Series 1 consist of two volumes. The Registers list the member’s name, the value of his beneficiary certificate, his beneficiary certificate number, the date that he received his workman degree, birth date, age at entry into the Order, beneficiary’s name and relationship, and, sometimes, date of death. Volume 1 is arranged somewhat alphabetically, with non-alphabetical entries added at the end of the volume. Volume 2 is arranged somewhat chronologically by the date the workmen degree was received.

Series 2 consists of Minutes, April 10, 1912-September 17, 1913, arranged in one volume. During this period the Forman Lodge met weekly and the minute entries provide information on officers in attendance, committee work, finances, and suspensions of members.


Series 1 – Beneficiary Certificates and Membership Registers, 1883-1917

Box 1


  1. 1883-1905

  2. 1908-1917

Series 2 – Minutes, 1912-1913

  1. 1912, Apr. 10 – 1913, Sept. 17


Subject headings:

Ancient Order of United Workmen (Kearney, Nebraska)

Buffalo County (Nebraska) — Societies, etc.

Fraternal organizations — Nebraska — Kearney

Kearney (Nebraska) — Societies, etc.

Labor and laboring classes — Nebraska

Working-men’s clubs — Nebraska — Kearney


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