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RG3579.AM:  Ancient Order of United Workmen (Alexandria, Neb.)

Records:  1890-1913

Alexandria, Thayer County, Neb.:  Fraternal organization

Size:  1.0 cu.ft.; 1 box


The Ancient Order of United Workmen, State of Nebraska, was organized to unite white male persons regardless of nationality, political preference or denominational distinction, into a Fraternal Brotherhood. The members of which recognize a belief in the existence of a Supreme Being, the Creator and preserver of the Universe. The order’s main objective was to embrace and give equal consideration to all classes of labor, mental and physical; to endeavor to improve the moral, intellectual and social conditions of the members. The organization held lectures, read essays, discussed new inventions and improvements, encouraged research in art, science, and literature. The order also provided funds to aid members during sickness or other disability, and in case of death, to pay a stipulated sum to the beneficiary. (Extracted from the constitution of the Grand Lodge, State of Nebraska, 1903.)


This collection consists of 1 box of material arranged in five series: 1) Minutes, 1890-1896; 2) Beneficiary reports, 1890-1913; 3) Financiers Cash Books, 1890-1909; 4) Printed matter; and 5) Miscellany. The collection relates to the activities of the Alexandria, Nebraska, chapter of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, 1890-1913. The bulk of this material consists of financial records. Also included are the annual reports of the National AOUW. The miscellany of series 5 includes duplicate monthly reports, 1891-1892 and a membership ledger, 1890-1895.


Series 1 – Minutes, 1890-1896

Box 1


  1. 1890-1893

  2. 1894-1896

Series 2 – Beneficiary Reports, 1890-1913

  1. 1890-1893

  2. 1893-1900

  3. 1904-1907

  4. 1908-1910

  5. 1911-1913

Series 3 – Cash Books, 1890-1909

  1. 1890-1898

  2. 1904-1909

Series 4 – Lodge Reports, 1891-1893

  1. 1891

  2. 1892

  3. 1893

Series 5 – Miscellany, 1890-1904

  1. Affirmation of Candidate, 1890-1893

  2. Guaranty Report, 1901-1904

  3. Duplicate Monthly Reports, 1891-1892

  4. Membership ledger and records, 1890-1895



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