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RG3265.AM:  American War Dads Auxiliary (Fremont, Nebraska)

Scrapbooks:  1948-1971

Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska:  Patriotic organization

Size: 14 volumes


American War Dads was first established in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1942.  Other chapters quickly spread across the country.  Like their American Legion counterparts, the American War Dads Auxiliary was the women’s organization that supported the activities of the American War Dads.  According to the American War Dads service manual:

“American War Dads is a non-sectarian, non-profit, non-partisan organization of fathers of American boys and girls in service, united to better fulfill our duties and responsibilities as fighting fathers.  Proud fathers of all creeds may participate in this organization.  No partisan politics are permitted to enter into our activities or our program.  We are interested solely in promoting effective war administration, good government, and the American way of life for our fighting sons and daughters, both today and tomorrow.”

“To cooperate 100% in all home front responsibilities; to insure a morale, that will make victory inescapable; to give needed help and guidance to dependents of those in arms; to oppose all programs and advertising which tend to exploit our forces in uniforms; to protect the interests of our sons and daughters in a post-war world — these things are the things in which fighting fathers can do, which American War Dads are doing.”


The collection consists of fourteen scrapbooks relating to the American War Dads Auxiliary of Fremont, Nebraska.  The scrapbooks date from 1948 to 1971.  Materials contained in the scrapbooks include event programs, minutes of meetings, photographs, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous memorabilia.

Box 1


  1. 1948-1954 (see oversize)

  2. 1956-1957 (see oversize)

  3. 1957-1958 (see oversize)

  4. 1959-1960 (see oversize)

  5. 1960-1961 (see oversize)

  6. 1962-1963

  7. 1963-1964 (see oversize)

  8. 1964-1965

  9. 1965-1966

  10. 1966-1967

  11. 1967-1968 (see oversize)

  12. 1968-1969 (see oversize)

  13. 1969-1970

  14. 1970-1971 (see oversize)


Subject headings:

American War Dads Auxiliary (Fremont, Nebraska)

Fremont (Nebraska) — History

Patriotic societies — Nebraska — Fremont

Veterans — Nebraska

Women in Nebraska


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