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RG3595.AM:  Alfred P. Seymour, 1860-1903

Diaries, etc.:  1875-1887

Otoe County, Nebraska:  Justice of the Peace; farmer

Size:  0.25 cu.ft.; 1 box


Alfred P. Seymour was born May 4, 1860, in Elmwood, Connecticut, the son of D.H. and Elizabeth (Putnam) Seymour.  He graduated in Elmwood in 1878 and shortly thereafter left for Otoe County, Nebraska, where he settled on a farm near Unadilla.  The land was bought from the Railroad.  His parents joined him later.  He became a teacher in the public schools and a Justice of the Peace for Unadilla.  He appears to have started a nursery and the last diary contains nursery records to 1903.

Seymour married Sarah Nicholson in Otoe County, Nebraska, on May 13, 1890.  They had one daughter, Elizabeth (Mrs. Albert A. Radtke).  Alfred P. Seymour died on June 22, 1903.  Sarah then got remarried to John C. Tuttle.  Sarah died on November 11, 1955.  Alfred, Sarah and their daughter, Elizabeth, are all buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one box containing the journals of Alfred P. Seymour giving the daily happenings on the Seymour farm and the area around Unadilla, Nebraska.  Included are some of his duties as Justice of the Peace and some marriages he performed, the first being on the 4th of July 1886.  The later diaries also contain records of plants grown and sold in his “little” nursery.  Also included in the collection are notebooks from Alfred’s school days in Elmwood, Connecticut, as well as broadsides and newspaper clippings about politics, horticulture, etc.




  1. Diary, 1878-1880, Connecticut-Nebraska:  Starting out on the farm and in the Community of Unadilla, Nebraska

  2. Diary, 1882-1886, Daily events of farm life and as Justice of the Peace, Unadilla

  3. Diary, 1886-1887, Daily journal and notes on Nursery and plants to 1903

  4. Language notebook from high school in Elmwood, Connecticut, 1875-1876

  5. Language notebook from same school, 1876

  6. Miscellaneous broadsides and news clippings concerning politics, horticulture, and Seymour’s appearance as an elocutionist


Subject headings:

Agricultural laborers — Nebraska

Farm life — Nebraska — Otoe County

Frontier and pioneer life — Nebraska — Otoe County

Horticulture — Nebraska

Otoe County (Nebraska) — History

Seymour, Alfred P., 1860-1903

Unadilla (Nebraska) — History


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