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RG3756.AM:  Aileen (Cook) Burton and George Bell Burton

Ranch records, etc.:  1895-1944

Bingham, Sheridan County, Nebraska:  Cattle ranchers

Size:  0.5 cu.ft.; 1 box


Aileen Cook, daughter of Frank and Nellie (Cochran) Cook, was born June 18, 1899.  George Bell Burton, son of John and Emma Burton, was born at Alliance, Nebraska, on May 28, 1899.  Aileen and George married on May 30, 1921.  The Burtons maintained a cattle ranch in Bingham, Sheridan County, Nebraska, until George’s death in September of 1973.  Aileen Burton died in 1981.  The Burtons are buried in Bingham Cemetery at Bingham, Nebraska.


This collection consists of one box of material dating from 1895 to 1944.  The materials relate almost exclusively to the livestock records and farm accounts of George and Aileen (Cook) Burton.  The collection includes ten volumes of ranch record books, including information on receipts and expenditures, livestock accounts, breeding records, and feed, grain, and supply inventories.  The first volume, kept in a “Court Record Book,” contains records kept by John T. Burton, George’s father.  Also included in the collection is one folder of miscellany containing two play scripts and photocopies of newspaper clippings about members of the Cook family.


Box 1


  1. Ranch records, 1895-1925

  2. Ranch records, 1925-1927

  3. Ranch records, 1932

  4. Ranch records, 1939

  5. Ranch records, 1940

  6. Ranch records, 1941

  7. Ranch records, 1942 (pocket ledger with sketchy notations of receipts and expenditures)

  8. Ranch records, 1943

  9. Ranch records, 1944

  10. Ranch records, undated (1942?)

  11. Miscellany, including:

    “Murder Will Out,” play script by Lizzie May Elwyn

    “Op-o’ – Me Thumb,” play script Frederick Fenn and Richard Pryce

    Photocopies of newspaper clippings about Cook family members


Subject headings:

Agriculture — Nebraska — Sheridan County

Burton family

Burton, Aileen (Cook), 1899-1981

Burton, George Bell, 1899-1973

Burton, John T., 1867-1953

Cook family

Livestock — Nebraska — Sheridan County

Ranch life — Nebraska — Sheridan County

Ranches — Nebraska — Sheridan County


AIF                      12-12-1979

Revised TMM      10-11-2018